“Hey!You are a woman,What wine to drink?You are so brave in the middle of the night!“Xia Jian finally didn’t hold back,He couldn’t help saying。
Woman takes two steps,Hehe smiled and said:“Not afraid to be fake,But I feel more at ease with you“
Xia Jian shook his head,Asked coldly:“What do you do?Where to go?Don’t drink too much and run around with me“Xia Jian is telling the truth,In case this person is really drunk,Wouldn’t it be wrong to follow him。
“Just a few bottles of beer,Not drunk,Just a little floating。I work in the back kitchen of Dongtuanzhuang Hotel,Happy tonight,I went to cheer with my sister after get off work,I don’t want to overdo it slightly“When the woman said this,He smirked at Xia Jian again。
Work in the kitchen,No wonder a sloppy picture,Xia Jian thought,Gave this woman a little contempt,Just walked under a pole,By the light of the street lamp,Xia Jian found that this woman had a nice face,Not ugly,Why is she dressed like this?
When Xia Jian was thinking about this woman,Suddenly four or five black shadows drilled from the corner of the wall,I saw the one who came to the front lowered his voice and said:“It’s pretty romantic in the middle of the night“
With the voice,These people are forced to come up,The woman behind Xia Jian,He was so scared that he hugged his arm,Xia Jiandu felt the woman’s body trembling constantly。
“We are passing,What’s the matter everyone?“Xia Jian understood and pretended to be confused,Ran out to block the way at this time,Probably robbery。
Among these people,There is a sneer:“Ye okay,I just want to find two to borrow some money”
“Really no money”Xia Jian said,I touched my body with one hand。
Just listen to these people,One smiled:“No money,Leave the woman behind you,This girl looks good”
Xia Jianyi listen,Anger can’t help but surge,He hates this kind of person most,Although this woman and him just met by water,But after all, I followed him so much,How can he leave her alone,This is not Xia Jian’s character。
Thought of here,Xia Jian took a step forward,Suddenly raised his foot,This foot is strong and fast,Just listen“Ouch”Bang,Someone has been kicked and sat on the ground。
Do nothing but never stop,Xia Jian’s other free hand,Smashed out with lightning speed,Another guy was knocked to the ground by a punch。
“run!”Xia Jian shouted,Pulling the woman behind him and running wildly,I didn’t expect this woman to run very fast。
I don’t know how long it took,Until I can’t run,Xia Jiancai stopped。at this time,The east has become white,It seems that the sky is about to dawn。