“thank you,That one……Did you see sister Qiao??” “Not seen。”Suddenly a cold sentence in the room,No sound。 No time to care,I
With a rude beast,Their blame seems to start…… The surrounding sea blue begins to flip。 The world has resumed normal time order!
Looking at the sun rising slowly outside the window,Xia Jian was thinking,Next day,Will it be sunny? ------------ First0165chapter Opportu
After all, this time is he losses in the first.。 “Row,I accept。” Changfu is so happy,Let Han Shanshan are also very satisfied。
How to do?It seems that what happened this time is not small,With Xia Jian's skill, ordinary people are not his opponents,What's more, he is als
Woman crying:“They blocked the stairs,I can only run up,And they also deducted my phone” “Where do you call the front desk?!Do I have a