Spring sports fitness works best

Spring is the season of vying for glory, and people should move with the spring.

People can exercise according to their physical conditions, let the body vomit new ideas, stretch the bones and muscles, and lay a good foundation for a year of work and study.

There are many ways to exercise, which vary from person to person.

  Jogging and jogging rehabilitation is practical and has a good effect on improving cardiopulmonary function, reducing blood lipids, improving the body’s metabolic capacity and enhancing the body’s immunity, and delaying aging.

Before jogging, make proper preparations, such as limbs and freehand exercises.

Exercise time should be in the morning and evening. It is better to choose a place with fresh air and road alignment.

Wear sports shoes while jogging to protect the exclusion area.

  Walking is a great way to do things in spring.

People can go together and take a walk along the river, lake, park, and countryside.

When walking, you can rub your hands, rub your chest and abdomen, slap your lower back, and pat your whole body to help clear the blood and raise your yang.

The walk is informal, and it should be determined by the physical strength of the person. The length of time should also be allowed to follow. It should be slightly sweaty.

Pay attention to loose and comfortable clothes and lightweight shoes.

  Mountain climbers who like to climb should choose to develop a perfect natural scenic area. When climbing, you must wear tourist shoes to protect the joints.

Middle-aged people over 40 years of age are best to go to a place with a gentle slope. Don’t climb mountains that are steep and steep above the steps, because the waist leans forward when climbing, and the knee and lumbar spine are stressed and vulnerable to injury.

Tip arthritis, lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis should reduce mountain climbing activities.

In addition, when doing mountain climbing activities, it is best to go together and take care of each other to avoid accidents.

  Whether people choose to take a walk, jog or climb a mountain, they must pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

Usually middle-aged and elderly walk 1000-2000 meters or 0.

5-1 hours, you should sit down and rest for half an hour.

Stretch your legs flat at rest, and gently rub your knees with both hands to promote blood circulation in your knees and reduce wear.

Because of coaxial walking, knee joints, fractures, joints, and bearing joints are susceptible to wear and tear, especially those who have been implanted with bone hyperplasia, which will increase joint damage.

  Traditional traditional fitness methods also include Tai Chi, Qigong, Wu Qin Xi, Baduanjin, etc., which are also good exercise programs in spring.

In addition, fishing, climbing, cycling, shaking hands, sit-ups, walking backwards, etc. are all optional items.