Turn it back。
“When is my sister come back??Why didn’t you come up?!”
“Sweet sister,Not long time,I’m going up.,The uncle is will definitely think more.,I am afraid that I am afraid of explaining it.。”
Willow sweet is also a glimpse,But the next laughter。
“You can’t go up.,I just opened the door, I was afraid I saw you.。”
“Um,Let the wind give the uncle to make a call.,So uncle, you are worried, you are wronged。”
“Don’t use him,I will fight for a while.,I personally say this kind of thing.。”
Xu Ruzhen heard the willow sweet,Just reassuring。
After all, Li Hui said that it will not be relieved.。
Road,Li Hui also went straight to a supermarket,Then I bought the same gift as the willow sweet home.。
See Li Hui Feng and buy gifts,Willow sweet seems to be guessing what。
“breeze,You will not be ready to pick up Zhao Xiaoling, their sisters.?”
“Hey-hey,Sweet sister guess,That is to pick up their。”
“But this time I am thinking about how to show my family.,I can’t say two daughters of others.,This will not be bombed out?”
I heard Li Hui’s concern,Willow sweet with Xu Ruzhen laughs together:“Have you forgotten us??”
“By the time,Let the sweet sister talk to Xiaoling,I am going to tell Lijie.,Then let them show up their parents。”
“what?That’s that I am not too responsible.?”
Li Hui Feng feels like this is something wrong with this。
After all, this is what he is mentioned.,Nature also wants him to solve。
“You think too much,When you are responsible。”
Willow sweet,Also see Xu Ruzhen。
Although she is a bigger,But she understands that there is too much aspect of her is not as good as Xu Ru.。
Take this thing,Should also plan to plan Xu Ruzhen。
“Well,Just follow you to do,If I can’t do it, I personally explain with their parents.。”
“rest assured,I believe that they don’t want you to intervene.。”
Although I don’t understand why Xu Ru is saying,But Li Hui is still the choice of instinct.。
Looking at those already bare crops along all the way,Three people also have a laughter。
There is no embarrassment。
It seems that the life of a few people come back together,Now gather together,It is also a feeling of nothing.。
This feeling is not only Li Hui,Even the second woman is also like this。
Soon arrived in Zhaojia Village,Li Hui, I thought about it.:“Sister,Sweet sister,You still go to the pig farm to wait for me.!I feel this kind of thing or I want to say.。”
“Although Lijie is divorced,And before I have too many things that I can’t say it before.,I feel this time I need to say it.。”
“This is the basic respect for her.,It is also the person in charge of my own。”
“anyway,I feel that I have to face sooner or later.。”
Li Hui Jin arrived in Zhaojia Village,Suddenly said this,Let Xu Ruyi with willow sweets don’t think。
Thinking of Zhao Xiaoli is divorced,Li speaks with the wind.,Think about yourself,And why not got a good respect of Li Hui Feng。
Just,She can choose Li Hui Feng in order to die.,Otherwise, she will not always follow the wind without complaints.。
“alright,Since you have already decided,Then let’s listen to you.。”