Original title: Exercise Integrated Ability Improved Business Level In the City, the government service knowledge competition is to improve the government service level, build high-quality government service brands, and Changchun City Government Service Knowledge Competition will be held on the 26th, the final was held on the 27th.

"According to the nature of public health events, the degree of harm, which types are involved in public health incidents?" "The state protects the property rights of the market in accordance with the law and other legitimate rights and interests, which will protect the company’s operators?" On the afternoon of the 27th, the Changchun City Government Service Knowledge Competition Government Hall Group started from the must-answer question.

The players are in turn, and the competition is fierce. Before the start of the final, Miao seedlings from the comprehensive window from Changchun New District Government Service Center were still reviewing time, she told reporters: "The topic of this game is closely related to our work, and doing this game, doing all our comprehensive ability, It has also improved our business level, and lay the foundation for the people and enterprise services for the future.