What stature does a man most like a woman?

A recent survey in the United States showed that 44% of women feel that if their partners are slightly overdoing it can harm their sexual relations.

Once a man has a fit body, he will have a fatal attraction to her.

  First, clear six-pack abs Your fat biceps can grow like a bowling ball, but if you ignore your aunt on the stomach, women will look at you with discrimination.

So hurry up and exercise.

  Second, a strong forearm woman sees a strong forearm and thinks you can do everything.

Strong forearms can drive away villains, build houses, and deftly touch women’s bodies.

Roll up your sleeves and show them.

  Third, delicate breasted women often examine male breasts, as this is a body specimen worthy of showing off by men.

If the chest line is beautiful, it will be favored by women.

Don’t make your knees look like a sack of potatoes.

  Fourth, rocky hard calf women need the overall feeling of male power and fitness.

If men seem to be able to lift heavy objects instead of running, the degree of calf muscle development must be extremely uncoordinated.

  Fifth, plump dark color is just like men like plump dark women, women also value men with strong eyes.

Touching and kissing a man’s developed pectoral muscles necessarily means that women are intoxicated.

  Six, the broad back The broad back is a necessary condition for shaping the V-shaped main shaft, and its appeal to women can be transformed into ancient times.

Women want to find a partner who can protect them and have a wide back that can be attacked by wildlife.

  Seven, the sculpted wheelchair with developed shoulder muscles is a symbol of love and war, which is also a male advantage left over from ancient times.

Combined with a wide back, more men look more robust and full of women, full of worship.

  Eighth, a survey of readers around the world by a large, hypertensive biceps showed that one in five women admitted that men’s beautifully implanted biceps would definitely impress them.