On the morning of April 6, a love bird week activity with the theme of "Love Bird Guaji" was held in Chengdu 339 Days Panda Tower Waterview Square, Chenghua District, attracted many love bird volunteers and citizens. "This year is the 40th anniversary of Sichuan and Chengdu Ai Bird Week.

The main purpose of this love bird week activity is to protect the list of wildlife lists to ordinary public. "The relevant person in charge of Chenghua District said that in recent years, the ecological environment in China has continued to improve, and a number of new parks such as Beihu Ecological Park, Shahe City Park can provide environmental foundation for wildlife hambo such as birds. To the general public science bird knowledge, you call on everyone to love birds and protect birds.

At the event, the volunteers of Chenghua District Park City Construction and Urban Updding Bureau have issued new issued "Chengdu Bird Protection Configuration Configuration" for the general public. The guidelines have been described in detail in the guidance, management of the national key protection bird, and introduces the protected bird representative species that are easy to contact in Chengdu.

The police officers from the Economic Investigation Team of Chenghua District Branch from Chengdu City also explained bird protection science and legal knowledge for the public to attract the masses to study.

There are also many bird subjects, including the "Sichuan Natural Comic Tasting Series" Sichuan Natural Comic Tasting Series – Wild Bird Comic Tasting ", and the like. In addition, on the same day, the Museum Professional preliminary public presentation was carried out by the Museum Professional Propaganda. (Li Tingyu) (Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).