Want to say anything else,But directly invited to interruption,I only see her.,Stop spending no shortcomings,Instead, look to Chu Deirers:“I believe you,Who are you saying?,I killed who,This matter。”
Jiang Bifuhe、Jiang Yulang:???
A non-explanatory、I believe a mix?
Do this still speak??
“Hey, let him!”Chu Deirers are also welcome,Directly refers to Jiang Yilang。
“Chu Lee,Yulang is not on the seat at the time.……”Jiang Bifai Crane is busy,Others are also hidden。
But inviting the moon to say that it is not two,I saw that Jiang Yulang moved to stand back.,From heartbeat to blood、Frozen from the inside out……
“Do not!”Lotus,Exclaim。
Everyone also took a shock——Which this is?
I saw the lotus at this time in front of the moon.,Lianlian:“Palace master!it’s me、It’s my ghost,Mutant,Do you want to kill me?!”
Jiang Bifai Heise——Good guy,At this time she jumped out,Don’t you all hammers??At the same time, look at Duan Tianya……
“Moon,He is definitely thinking‘How is the woman in the floral palace so stupid?’!”Chu Deirers get together to a foot,The small sound refers to the moon to point to Jiang Bifu。
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 848 Make people refer to
Chu Deiren directly pointed out Jiang Yulang’s“murderer”Time,Most people present in the scene are not believed,Just because he is not in relation to Jiang Bifu crane,And acknowledged。
However, the disciple of the floral palace,At this time,Not only will the poisoning is on themselves,And“other people”plead,This……Can you still have a seduce??
Invitation, watch the lotus,The anger is also as if the cold flame is generally picked up.,The whole hall is reduced by 30 or 40 degrees.。
“very good、very good。”Inviting the month to watch for more than a decade,The second traitor,God is already able to kill。
Just invite the moon to reach out,Ready to put on her head,Directly at her time,The flower is no shortcomings and squatting:“Master!Hand in hand……I don’t have timely discover the minds of lotus.,She was blinded by her!”
Look at the flowers、Look at lotus,Invitation month“Crystal clear as jade”Got up。
Liu Qin also responded at this time,I quickly bowed in front of Iron:“Master!Disconnected!Jiang Yulang、He told me……Said to be、Said that you are doing the evidence of the polka,Already worse。
Also said that the mortal uterine,I must have a different disciple of gates.,he……He said that as long as I am willing to see you old,He wants to save me!The white brother is also said,White brother、You are talking about it.!”
“I……Liu Shi!you……I have no betrayal master,Indecent Jiang Yulang is like this。”Bai Qiong hides its own spanning,On the side of the company。
As a result,Everyone looked at the eyes of Jiang Bifai,Also strange。
Although it is not direct evidence,But this is not a criminal system,Basic here,What can I see in a seat?。
“Do you have this palm for her??”Cold channel。
“Disciple is not filial,Willing to receive the master of the master。”There is no shortage of flowers。