How to raise the liver in the nature of spring liver

Spring is the best time for wealing the liver and protecting the liver, but it is also the season of liver disease. If we don’t pay attention to nourishing the liver and protecting the liver in the spring, then the liver is depressed, it is easy to get sick, and the blood pressure and other diseases that come with itAs a life in nature, through the changes in environmental conditions such as climate and solar terms, the working state of our internal organs will also change.

Therefore, we should strengthen the health care of the liver and achieve true liver and liver protection.

  The essence of spring liver management is the liver gas is the most abundant, when the liver fire is the most prosperous, this time people are the most vulnerable to fire, if you do not pay attention to rest, then it will seriously affect our health, in addition, liver and gallbladderIt is echoed, the anger of the liver is to overcome the passage of the gallbladder to divergence.

  Therefore, many people in this season will be inexplicably feeling that their mouths are dry and bitter, their breath is serious, and they feel that their shoulders are sore, migraine, rib pain, tibia and pain outside the thigh. This is to remind us that we should protect our liver.Liver.

  We can press the Taichong point above the liver to effectively achieve the effect of pain relief, because the place where the above pain occurs is the route of the gallbladder.

  We can only protect our body in the spring, we can maintain our body, the liver is smooth, and the blood is smooth, we can achieve the purpose of disease prevention and health.

  How to raise liver in the spring 1

The need for patients with liver disease to supplement selenium liver disease has a characteristic that is immune function is low, and the most obvious manifestation is that the virus in the body is very difficult to remove, the condition is easy to recurrent.

  Frequent selenium supplementation is to supplement our body with immunomodulators, which can effectively stimulate humoral immunity and cellular immune system, and enhance immune system function, which is beneficial to improve various symptoms of patients with liver diseases.

  For example, type A, hepatitis B patients often supplement selenium can significantly improve the loss of appetite, face and darkness in a relatively short period of time, and we can often take the selenium malt powder, schisandra as the main raw material of the liver tabletsAdjusting the immunity of our body is very helpful for nourishing the liver and protecting the liver, and it also makes the appetite of patients with liver disease beneficial to the health of patients with liver disease.


TCM massage is located in the foot of the Taixi point of the Taixi Cave, the depression in the middle of the inset and the heel of the heel, and the depression between the foot and the Achilles tendon.

  Taixi Point is a point for health and needs to nourish the liver. According to the Taixi Point, you can achieve the effect of nourishing yin and protecting the liver.

  According to the Taichong point, the Tai Chong point is located on the dorsal side of the foot. The first and the second metatarsal joint are in the depression. The Taichong point is one of the important acupuncture points on the human foot and the liver. It is the original point of the liver.In the warehouse where the liver is stored, it is often used to sputum and stimulate the Tai Chong points, which can well mobilize the vitality of the liver and restore the liver function.

  According to the liver and acupoints of the liver, it is located in front of us. It is the back of the liver, and it is also the “water pool” where the vitality of the liver gathers beside our body. The livershu point is an important point for nourishing the liver.

  The combination of Ganshu and Taichong can effectively supplement the liver and yin. It can not only raise the liver, but also soften the liver. Its main method of acupointing is prone position. Under the ninth thoracic spinous process, the tendon is opened.

Take a hole at 5 inches.

  According to the line between the big toe and the two toes, it is a fire hole. The liver is wood and the wood is fire. If our liver fire is too strong, then the hole between the lines can be irritated.
  The inter-row point is a good point for diarrhea, and the spring liver is very strong, so pressing the squat line is a better solution.


In the theory of Chinese medicine, the liver is open to the eye, so if our liver is damaged, then we will feel the eyes dry especially, and we will feel very sleepy.

  Therefore, we can protect our liver by raising our eyes.

  The spring sun is warm but not strong. We can relax, face the sun, close our eyes, let the glass windows and eyes filter out excessive strong sun rays, let the warm eyes penetrate into the eye, while turning the eyes, thenThe hour hand rotates slowly ten times, then rotates counterclockwise slowly ten times, and it lasts for fifteen minutes every day.

  In the spring of the recovery of all things, it is easy to make the liver prosperous, and the liver is the main body in our body to vent and shed blood.

Therefore, the spring health should conform to the characteristics of natural hair growth and relaxation, to raise the liver as a priority, press some acupuncture points to raise the liver, and pay attention to selenium and eye protection, you can smoothly achieve the purpose of liver and liver protection.