Teach you to practice Qigong four strokes, effectively tonifying kidney and impotence

At all times, we must pay attention to the maintenance of kidney qi. The strength of kidney qi is directly related to the health of the body. How do we supplement the kidney?
Experts introduced that there are many ways to tonify the kidney. Today, we have brought qigong and kidney-reinforcing methods to you. Three simple moves of qigong help you to strengthen your kidneys and study together.
  First, Dharma Gong before bed and before getting up, lying down, underwear pulled apart, relying on meat.
Two breaths, the right palm from top to bottom, the left chest into a circle in reverse, four or fifty.
Then sigh and breathe again, the left palm is like it.
Feel free to rub your chest and abdomen or lick the upper part, no matter how many times, just enough.
But women can only lick their abdomen.
  Second, refined refining 炁: strong and healthy, avoiding spermatorrhea premature ejaculation Before going to bed, getting up early, taking a nap, you can practice.
Close your body, close your eyes, and use your left and right index fingers to open your ear holes. Use your mouth to breathe, breathe your nose, keep your mouth closed, and breathe naturally.
Sometimes, when exhaling from the nose, the temperament reaches the two feet, so one or two times, not the mouth.
In the future, it is still natural breathing.
5-10 minutes can be very comfortable, and the sense of the tube, the catheter has a sense of contraction.
  Third, the gas-regulating type: the second type in the “Shaolin Eight-style” of the Dharma ancestors Master the key to practicing qi and training.
It can regulate the circulation of blood and vigorous metabolism.
Any old, weak, sick and disabled are easy to practice, as long as you pay attention to the qigong, you can receive the effect.
  Close mouth, breathe in the nose, squat under the shoulders, keep the lower abdomen, breathe and listen to its nature.
Let the movement move forward and backward with the breath; when the hand is out, it is sucking, and when the hand is back, it is called.
  Rotate in a circle around the left and right palms.
Like the “Foottail” in Tai Chi.
After turning to the right for dozens of laps, push it to the left again.
  四、伸筋拔骨式:达摩祖师所传的舒筋活血功夫  直立屈肘攥拳于腰,向右转体屈膝,双拳上护颜面,左足尖虚步点地,上体前倾上Left step, the left fist is changed to the palm, the back palm is extended to the side rear, and the right palm is followed by the right palm. Following the left step, the left hand is changed upwards, then the right step is taken, and the right hand is still straight with the trunk.Eyes look up between the palms.
  The center of gravity shifts to the left and turns to the left and bends to the knee. The right palm is then lowered to the side and the back is reversed. The upper body is tilted forward and the right step is reversed. The right fist is changed to the palm, and the palm is extended to the side and the back is extended.