Climb the stairs to lose weight, do you know?

In fact, climbing stairs is particularly simple. There are no restrictions on the venue. You can climb anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to worry about the cold wind in the winter. You don’t have to worry about the sun in the summer. You don’t have to go out, don’t try, don’t need a fitness card, wearPut on the boots, put on the crotch, start on the spot, simply capricious!

  A running score that is lower than the same requirements for the venue.

The biggest advantage of climbing stairs is worth our attention. Under normal circumstances, the energy consumption of a uniform speed upstairs is greater than that of a low-intensity jog. If we adopt the accelerated climbing stairs method, it will be very impressive.

Because climbing stairs is a climbing movement, and it is mainly determined by the characteristics of the work of the large muscles of the hips and legs.

  High-stepping steps upstairs or squatting upstairs are very strong.

Under normal circumstances, the state of high stride cannot be maintained until you climb all the indicators (unless the dormitory is really short).

Therefore, we generally take the shifting way upstairs, and with a gentle downstairs way to restore physical fitness.

Its energy metabolism is close to HITT (intermittent anaerobic exercise), and the fat burning effect is very significant.

  Climb the stairs to lose weight benefits 1.

Reducing the static heart rate and improving the cardiovascular health The healthier body is very normal when the heart rate reaches 50 or 60 in static conditions.

Because through exercise, the heart beats more blood circulation.


Keep the bones and joints flexible, avoid rigid and always insist on climbing stairs, help to maintain the flexibility of bones and joints, avoid the appearance of rigidity, strengthen the strength of ligaments and muscles, and prevent degenerative changes.


Increasing the maximum oxygen carrying capacity to climb the stairs can test the body’s cardiovascular system, improve the heart muscle to improve the efficiency of oxygen absorption from the blood, and improve lung capacity.


Heart rate recovery speed increases the rate of heart rate drop in the first minute after exercise stops. The better the body, the shorter the heart rate will return to normal after exercise.


Consume more traces because of the greater intensity of exercise, climbing stairs can consume more calories in the body.


Effectively enhance the function of the digestive system, because it requires repeated abdominal exercise, so that the intestinal peristalsis is intensified, which can effectively prevent constipation.


It is good for sleep and avoids anxiety. The nervous system of the human body is in the best rest state, which is good for sleep and avoiding anxiety. It is also one of the most effective aids for the treatment of neurasthenia.

  Stair climbing as a good fitness method, practical and simple, but must be gradual, persevere, in order to achieve the effect of weight loss health.