It is understood that the Guangdong Telecom Zhipeng model is created by Guangdong Telecom, Huawei Company, is China Telecom’s first business cloud / support cloud, Tianyi cloud, network cloud, government cloud multi-scene, open safety, Saifeng ecological model board point.

The work is launched in October 2019, which is positioned to lead operators open innovation in the calculation field, to deal with business continuous risk, build independent innovation, high performance, and easy to expand the calculation system, and gradually build a leading computing industry, meeting Diversity demand. At present, Guangdong Telecom has completed the adaptation and launch of the personalized bill of government and enterprises. By production test verification, the new system of Tupeng servers is compared with the original system, the single-machine throughput and response performance is about 20%, and the congenital processing capacity is 60% increased. The improvement of efficiency is reduced in operation and maintenance costs.

At the same time, in the Guangdong Telecom Data Surprofess Platform, the distributed database ANTDB based on the deployment of the Songpeng servers completes the replacement of existing database set market applications. In OLAP scenarios, based on the performance of X86 Server + ANTDB database performance, Based on the multi-core architecture, single-machine throughput and response performance, and saving data analysis time is improved.

The "Tianyi Perspective" business developed by Guangdong Telecom has been completed, including the compatibility of Tianyi Personnel Equipment Cloud Ability, and its technical stack compatibility. It will eventually be adapted and used in Tianyi Cloud.

At present, Guangdong Telecom is deploying the Songpeng resource pool in size to prepare for the next application adaptation.

The joint laboratory is based on the Songpeng server to build three centers: business development center, focus on Guangdong Telecom B / O domain business adaptation development; TOB development center, focus on industry solution adaptation development; display center, focus, do Display of distribution and innovation results. The joint laboratory has now completed installation deployment and launched a work of Pipe Peng, which will invite more partners to participate in telecommunications business and the adaptation and innovation of the solution.