The truth and obesity

It is generally believed that amateur organizations are almost non-metabolic, just a calm aunt repository.

However, some people have recently put forward the more natural statement that accidental organizations are like wholesalers, and many substances are actively entering and leaving here.

  The aunt’s organization is formed by the aunt’s cells, blood vessels, and combined tissues. The blood vessels are responsible for the entry and exit of the substances required by the aunt’s cells, and the combined tissues are packed in the spaces between the cells.

The form of the aunt’s adult drip is contained in the aunt’s cell, the aunt drops almost fill the whole cell, and the nucleus is pressed in the corner.

It is precisely because the nucleus of the cell activity center should form such a state, so most people mistakenly believe that a light cell is a cell that does not move.

  The original adult is a substance formed by the storage of the remaining nutrients in the living body. In combination with the needs of physiological functions, it is released into the original form.

Therefore, when the excess nutrients must be within a certain limit, either within the recovered tiny cells, or released, as long as the regularity can be maintained, the accidental storage is fixed, and the ideal body weight can be maintained.

Conversely, when excess nutrients are ingested by too many cells and the release function creates obstacles, the absolute amount of chance will be abnormally excessive and cause obesity.