Lotion, lotion and cream for moisturizing PK

Are lotions, lotions and creams good for moisturizing?

Will creams and masks be reused?

Find the “half” of moisturizers.

To help the moisturizing effect magically, “water retention” is the real winner on the basis of hydration.


hzh {display: none; }  1 营养奶液  营养奶液属于皮肤保湿剂。Although their product names are different, their components are roughly the same.

These products are different from ordinary skin care products or milks, and are made by highly concentrated nutritional ingredients.

  in fact.

The composition of the type of moisturizer is not different from skin lotion and milk.

If you want to find the difference between them, it contains more advanced anti-acidification ingredients and moisturizing ingredients.

In other words, the price is expensive, but it is not much different from ordinary products.

However, if this special moisturizer comes with other functions, it will be another matter.

This side function is usually wrinkle removal and whitening.

Choose a moisturizer with moisturizing, whitening, and anti-acidification functions. Moisturizing care can be done overnight.

If wrinkle removal is added, moisturizing treatment will be simpler and more convenient, and supplemental care can be completed at the same time.


If you only supplement the function and dilute the expected moisturizing effect, then it is not moisturizing care.

under these circumstances.

If necessary, substitute other moisturizers.

  2Massage liquid Is it a moisturizing treatment?

The answer is yes.

But it is not authentic.

Just one of the variants of moisturizing care.

If the massage liquid contains highly concentrated moisturizing ingredients, it can keep the skin moist.

Dry skin, if massaged once or twice a week, will help improve skin condition.

But the massage liquid is not suitable for all skins, only those who have dry skin and severe symptoms are suitable for those who need moisturizing massage.

And it is not necessary to do it every day, it is only necessary when the skin is severely dry.

Recently, the functions of massage fluids have also been strengthened, and moisturizing ingredients are generally added.

It also has keratin removal, whitening function, or the use of mint to relieve fatigue.

  The most basic function of 3 masks is to replenish moisture. Many products have added various functions such as preventing wrinkles and aging, reducing pores, whitening, exfoliating and blackhead removal.

The composition of these products is virtually no different from lotions.

When we take a bath, the fine lines disappear instantly because the skin is soaked in water for a short period of time.

The effect of the mask on the skin is also based on the same principle.

After using the mask.

Because the water penetrates and soaks the skin, the appearance of the skin is particularly clear and elastic.

However, the amount of water absorbed by the skin is limited, and over time, the skin will return to its original state.This shows that the mask does not necessarily have to do skin care.

However, if you often make a mask with good moisturizing effect, it is also beneficial to improve the serious condition of the skin.

  What kind of product can the mask be proud of?

  If you like to make a mask, you can save the essence and lotion after finishing.

Because the moisture in the mask is enough to make your skin full of water.

  Xiaobian’s moisturizing steps are public one. Moisturizing starts from cleansing. Whether you wash your face with clean water or cleansing products, it will cause changes in the pH of the cheeks, and also cause moisture in the epidermis to leak, and the skin will become tight and dry.

Therefore, different skin types should choose the appropriate cleaning products.

  Second, keep in mind the principle of “hydrating” at any time. After cleansing, the skin’s pores will open slightly. This is also the best time to rehydrate.

The watery toner can penetrate into the epidermis layer quickly, so that the skin has a “hydrating effect”.

  Third, the care of “moisturizing essence” is indispensable. “Moisturizing essence” is an indispensable step for women every day. It can provide long-term moisturization for the skin, lock the skin surface moisture and prevent water loss.

  Fourth, can not ignore the protection of “moisturizing” “moisturizing” is a homework that women should not neglect for 365 days.

Only moisturized skin can ensure the normal operation of skin cells and can effectively resist aging.

  Fifth, the extra special “moisturizing” treatment has passed the age of 20, and the skin is far less elastic and energetic than imagined, and the skin’s metabolism slows down, and the aging cuticle of the skin surface blocks the absorption of moisture and nourishing products.

Therefore, to improve skin absorption, do deep moisturizing and exfoliating treatments 1-2 times a week.

  6 major moisturizing products with a single effect1. Moisturizing toner: You can absorb water from the skin and the environment, but it will slowly evaporate and maintain on the skin for a short time.

  2 Moisturizing gel: It can absorb water from the skin and the environment, but it will slowly evaporate and stay on the skin for a medium time.

  3 moisturizing essence: can absorb water from the skin and the environment.

But it will slowly evaporate and maintain the time setting on the skin.

  4Moisturizing mask: Prolongs the time that moisture acts on the skin through the sealing effect.

  5 moisturizing lotion: it is necessary to give moisture first, and then wipe it. It is more effective and more common.

  6 moisturizing cream: it is necessary to give moisture first, and then wipe it to have effect.

Like night cream, nourishing cream locks in moisture.