“Bad guy!”
June 8,Ji Chi Jun Fu and Qingshan Yamei finally returned to Shanghai,Song Jian and Tang Rui took them directly to the long pool.。
“curator,Recently, the military killer did not shoot for us.!Can be definitely the military Shanghai station, the stationmaster is Zheng Yao first。”Song Jian report,
“Special qualification,Shang Manuan,Mei organ,Did the agent headquarters find out??”Qi Rui,
“no,During this time, I almost turned over the Shanghai.,But didn’t find a little clue,Zheng Yao first, they are like never have a point of traces.。”
“Talking about these special situations, I also have a headache.!”Rui Rui is very tired and said with the temple,
Qingshan Yamei is very smooth to stand up to Longchi Jun auxiliary massage,Song Jian continued:“curator,The special service headquarters seems to be very busy these two days.,But if you are busy with what didn’t tell us?,I feel like there is something to happen.。”
“Specialist headquarters?”
“curator,Now the agent headquarters completely belongs to Mei Guanguan,Clear weather is basically in that supervision work in that,Bi Zhongliang,Liang Zhongchun,Wang Munchun, they are very excited。”Song Jian continued,
“This is not very good?”
“It’s good,However, the long opinion of the wine wells is very large.,Because many of the intelligence of the headquarters now, many intelligence is shared with special high school.。”
“I have this model.,How is Shangguan??”Rui Rui, enjoy the moderate massage of Fu Ying Xuelu Road,
“It is still very active mansion thousand Tian Yingzi,Washen, only recently, often do not have Tang Man Qing’s Miguo Songs and Ballroom。”Tang Rui answer,
“I’m tired,Go back to rest first,Is there anything to say tomorrow。”Qi Rui did not hear what it was worth worried about going home,Just when he got up,Call。
“curator,Is looking for your long shadow Zuo authorities。”
Rui Rui took the phone:“General!I am a long pool!”
“Junior long pool!I heard that you are back.,Tired?”
“Xie general interest,I’m okay。”
“If you are not tired, you will come.,I have important things to discuss with you.。”
Rui Rui said to Song Jian:“You send me to Mei Machine!Go to prepare the car。”
Song Jian left the office,Rui said to Fu Yingxue:“Yamei,Let Tang Rui send you home to rest,I will call you something.。”
“Long pool!If you are fine, you will go home.,I will burn hot water waiting for you to come back.。”
Qi Rui no delay shadow Zuo Zhen Zhao came to office,Seeing the sunny day,Positive head:“Yogui will be good!Clear in the sun!”
“Junior quick sit down for a long time in the pool!Hard work!”Shadow Zhao came over and took a long spring hand sitting on the sofa,Qingfei has given tea.。
“Is there any important thing to find me??”
“Long pool,You don’t have a lot of things in Shanghai.,Your manal is also a heavy loss.。”
“I have already known this.,But because I have a very serious thing in Tianjin, I have never been opened.。”
“I have heard about things on Tianjin.,You really have worked hard for the Empire.,And I am inquiry110Teacher’s battle report,Two days, according to the map you give, they are very smooth,But the embarrassment of the earth is very fast.,In the orderly cover, the army and the people of the Eighth Route Army are all transferred to the mountains.,110The teacher is just a sniper of some eight roads.。”
Ruorui and very regrettable:“This is said that the clear failed!?”