Kidney deficiency food therapy inseparable food yam walnut kernel

Today, I will share the food of kidney deficiency diet therapy.

We together look.

  The treatment of kidney deficiency is not a difficult problem in the current medical community, but correct, healthy, uncomplicated, and thorough cure is not easy, it requires the patient’s own persistence and effort.

  Food conditioning and treatment of kidney deficiency are the most sensible choices, and the damage to the human body is small, so a certain kind of food is suitable for men to nourish the kidneys. Let me explain to you below.

  The food that can not be separated from kidney deficiency diet is yam. This dish is no stranger to everyone. Most people know that yam and kidney.

Its dietary method is stewed with black bone chicken, stewed for many years, using low fire.

  Second, walnut kernels. Believe that male friends with kidney deficiency know that kidney deficiency may cause symptoms of waist and knee pain. Walnut kernels are a good supplement. You can eat walnuts directly or boil them with honey for 20 minutesLeft and right, as a drink.

  Third, wolfberry, the role of wolfberry is tonify the kidney, and also has the effect of preventing infertility. Tea is usually used to supplement the role of wolfberry.

  Fourth, black sesame seeds have the effect of nourishing the liver and kidneys, as well as preventing male diseases.

You can add black sesame to the stew, or eat more black sesame paste.

  Fifth, ginseng, ginseng has a good effect on the enhancement of human gonad function, at the same time it can increase the overall quality of the body, increase immunity, and patients with kidney deficiency will feel mentally strong after eating.

It is usually boiled with honey. You don’t need to consume too much. It can be dozens or thirty milliliters per day, but you need to persist in order to see the effect.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help friends with kidney deficiency.