And beside Lei Zhiting,Someone said。 “Young master,Otherwise, let's run away quickly,This kind of thing,We can't handle it at all。”
I didn't come forward to wake her up like a normal man。I feel sympathetic to a hungry beggar looking at her。But my eyes are cold,Poker face。
Ouyang Hongcheng Chen Erniu kicked Xia Jian hard when he wasn't paying attention,Grinning Xia Jian with pain,Chen Erniu walking in front,Suddenl
“Wow!” The space within a thousand miles around completely collapsed,A terrible big hole appeared,Augusta himself was directly smashed into
After a few seconds of testing each other,Li Tianchou began to run wildly,Several men around him also started running almost at the same time,A
“Mr. Fang……this way please!” then,Fang Yu came to the private room with Mr. Zhao。 In the private room,Are some ancient doctors and s
“What is an active request?I never asked for it,I now request to restore my system immediately,And apologize to me!Otherwise I will expose y
Although logically,They can also wait for a thousand years,However, this opportunity is currently,Who wants to wait for a thousand years for not