“Master……” Want to say anything else,But directly invited to interruption,I only see her.,Stop spending no shortcomings,Instead,
“Hey!How do you call him brother sen,I feel you know each other very well!“Wang Youcai asked Chen Xiaodong a little puzzled。 Chen Xiaodon
“hehe”Lu Haocheng listened to this,Laugh, a happy。 “Wife,Are you satisfied with my performance??” Blue Xin smashed in his ar
With a rude beast,Their blame seems to start…… The surrounding sea blue begins to flip。 The world has resumed normal time order!
Li Hui Feng did not care about these,He just felt this is the other's guesttenever。 Back home,Li Hui rose a motorcycle to the town。
“normal friend?”Xia Qiuping got angry when she heard it,Voice is up a pitch,“Xia Shuyue, you're still lying,Since it is an ordinary frie