A few infrared rays are emitted from the windows on the second floor of the abandoned factory,The spot of light hits both of them,Chen Xiu was sho
Just this time a lie has been told,He had to bite the bullet and nodded。 Huang Nanguo nodded when meeting Chen Xiu,A glimmer of disappointment
“It looks like,Not very similar,Always feel,What big trick is brewing。” “Estimated to be delaying time,Let's next,What should be do
“Junior Brother,Don't be too restrictive in my kingdom of God。You can taste more of this iced fruit,Can't be eaten outside。”The Lord of Wi
How to do?It seems that what happened this time is not small,With Xia Jian's skill, ordinary people are not his opponents,What's more, he is als
Woman crying:“They blocked the stairs,I can only run up,And they also deducted my phone” “Where do you call the front desk?!Do I have a
Lingju at this time is because of the crazy surging true energy and spiritual power in his body,I looked up with difficulty and glanced at Jingpu wh