Original title: Tree civilization style Civilized People October, Guang’an City organized all schools to carry out the theme activities of "small hands and co-construction civilized city". According to "Education a child, drive a family, affecting a society" thinking, all schools actively practice socialist core values, combining the theme activities and the Li Dehu people and other education practices, education guide the majority of primary and secondary school students to develop civilized habits , Standardized behavior, focus on improving students, citizens, family civilization, and comprehensively promote civilized campus construction.

Guang’an Economic Development Zone, the first school: enriching extracurricular life to improve the cultivation of civilization "Uncle, the lawn here can not trample …" Recently, in Guang’an Economic Development Zone, Guang’an Talent Park, Guang’an Economic Development Zone The first school students are in the teacher Under the leadership, civilized persuasion of past citizens will guide them to comply with public order, love the environmental health of the park, and correct uncivilized behavior.

It is reported that in order to let the students develop a good habit of civilization in the subtlety, they will drive their families, with the family influence society, form a good atmosphere of "small hands and build a civilized city", and the school organizes students to carry out this extracurricular practice. Activity. Through this event, students have said that as a new era, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of civilization, but also to implement the behavior norms in place, tree civilization, and civilized people, spread the flow of civilization to campus, family, society Each corner. "In the event, I found that many uncles and aunt, there are children who are very civilized, but individual citizens have uncivilized behaviors such as lawn. After we persuaded, they have changed immediately." Guang’an Economic Development Zone First Primary School Student He Wei said that in the future, he will continue to make a good teenager who speaks civilization, good students. "Creating people in a civilized city is responsible. From me, start from small things, start from now.

"The school student Zeng Boya said that everyone will join hands and make the city more beautiful.

Not only that, the parents who accompany their children in the same day, they also benefited from the children, they also benefited from them, and they also said that they also actively advocate civilized concepts, encourage people to speak civilized, and new winds. "Today, I am very meaningful to participate in the school organization, I think it is very meaningful." Parent Chen Qin said, I hope that the school will carry out more activities, let students practice, exercise more, and improve their own civilization. "In ‘small hands, we will build a civilized city’ theme activity, we extend the educational activities to the family and society, practice civilization, mutual influence, mutual drive," to form a good event atmosphere with practical actions.

"Chen Minghua, the first primary school in Guang’an Economic Development Zone, said that next, they will continue to carry out the" small hand to share the big hand, build a civilized city "theme activity, and constantly promote the cultivation of students ‘civilized behavior habits and improve students’ civilization awareness.

Progressant Zone Promestress: Striving to Civilization Monses Let Civilization become a habit of November 9th, the third grade student Liu Yinqi, the three-year student of the front, and opened the computer and watched the "Cherish the resources and saves electricity" public service advertisements.

At this time, he found that the outside light is still very good, but the lights are on the house, so he immediately shuts down the lamp.

After watching the public service advertisement for water, Liu Yinqi saw her mother in the kitchen was cleaning the dishes, and the other side of the water trough was not close, he immediately reached out to put the faucet.

"Mom, we must cherish water resources. If you don’t have to use water, you should remember to close the faucet." "Very good, cherish water resources, save each drop …" Xiao Xuan said that there is a great force.

At present, the striker primary school is actively carrying out the practice of "I am a civilized propaganda", and the students are striving to "small declare", telling the civilized etiquette common sense to the parents, stopping the uncivilized behavior in the family, and enhances the family Civilized quality has achieved good results. "Dear teachers, students, parents and friends, let us act together, actively engage in the work of creating a national civilized city …" Not only vigorously launched "I am a civilized publicity" practice activity, into the striker primary school, Many teachers and students, parents will see a "proposal" exhibition board, which printed with civilized transportation, civilized transfer, civilized dining, etc., and subtlely influence teachers and students and parents.

"As a molecule in civilized Guang’an, participate in the civilized city to create our responsibility and no way." Mei Xue, vice president of the front school The whole school actively participates in and has carried out a variety of civilized practice activities, widely popularized all kinds of civilization knowledge. According to reports, the striker primary school will carry out "small hands and build a civilized city" theme event, organize "I am a civilized supervisor" parent-child volunteer service, "building civilized campus" activities, using the theme class, Red scarf broadcast, draw blackboard and handwritten newspapers, enhance students’ understanding of civilized etiquette common sense, and strive to create a strong "small hand holding big hand, building a civilized city" theme activity campus atmosphere. Guang’an Friendship Middle School Experimental School: I am going to the street to promote civilized civilized fragrant to give others "uncle, please wait, now the red light, the sidewalk green light can pass." Recently, Guang’an Friendship Middle School Experimental School organized "small hands and big hands." Building a civilized city "" civilized traffic persuasion "parent-child volunteer service activities, more than 10 children wear" volunteer service "belt, with parents to maintain traffic order around the school.

With the guidance of the traffic police and the assistance of parents, the small volunteers embarked on the streets, persuading the red light, the vehicle, and the electric car driver did not wear an uncivilized behavior such as helmet. By influence the public through his own words, The National Civilized City contributes power.

In addition, the children sent a civilized proposal to pedestrians, explaining the responsibilities of everyone in civilized city construction, so that civilization awareness is more deeply rooted. "Creating a civilized city should start from the child, from everyone around you, everyone is involved, Guang’an will be more civilized." Parents of the students said that the parents of the students said that they participated in volunteer service with the child, and they got themselves. The teaching of civilization concept is very meaningful. This civilized volunteer activity, truly let the flowers of civilization enters the students’ hearts, open in every family, open throughout the city.

"We must start from small things, enhance civilized awareness, develop good behaviors, bring civilization, etiquette to more people, to create a civilized city to contribute to its own power." After participating in volunteer service, three At the grade 1, the theme class will be held, and the students have gathered greatly. It is understood that the Guang’an Friendship Middle School Experimental School has not only continued to carry out the theme of "small hands and build a civilized city", but actively carry out the practice of "I am a civilized propaganda", "I am a civilized supervisor" parent-child volunteer Service activities, etc.,, The atmosphere is more rich. (Reporter Liu Xinxin) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share more people to see.