Breakout from the Olympic dropout?Chinese men’s basketball team’s record for 9 consecutive competitions
The Chinese men’s basketball team regretted leaving.The picture / sports miracle did not happen in the end.In the Guangzhou Gymnasium, Yi Jianlian played the most tragic game in the national team’s career. The Chinese men’s basketball team lost to diabetes 73 to 86.At the Wukesong Stadium more than 2,000 kilometers away, the Iranian team, which fought bravely, beat the Philippines.With the advantage of the goal difference, the Iranian men’s basketball team beat the Chinese men’s basketball team to the Tokyo Olympics.After missing the opportunity to pass through the Olympics, the Chinese men’s basketball team has only one way to go to the Olympics to appear in the Tokyo Olympics.Considering the situation that European and American strong teams will be watching by then, it is almost impossible to complete the task by grabbing the remaining 4 places in the 24 teams.Not surprisingly, since the first participation in the Olympic Games in 1984, the record of the Chinese men’s basketball team’s 9 consecutive appearances in the Olympic Games is about to be set.The defeat in the final battle Li Nan refused to score the team for the past 4 games, the coaching team headed by Li Nan was questioned externally in terms of employment.In the final battle with the Nigerian team, the Chinese men’s basketball team finally changed. Sun Minghui, Fang Shuo, Wang Zhelin entered the starting level, Yi Jianlian, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei sat on the bench.This change has indeed received amazing results in the opening stage, helping the Chinese men’s basketball team to make a dream start.Fang Shuo, Wang Zhelin, Sun Minghui took the team’s 19 points out of 21 points in the first quarter, especially Fang Shuo fired fully, scoring 11 points on 4 of 5 shots in the first quarter, scoring 19 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists.”Just like that!”During the team’s suspension, Yao Ming sitting behind the bench encouraged Fang Shuo.Abdullah Salamu averaged only 3 minutes in 4 games in battle. After this battle, the Xinjiang team ‘s main striker also successfully played the role of a stranger. He made three-pointers and key free throws at the end of the last quarter.Let Chinese men’s basketball see the hope of reversal.”Unfortunately, this game was not won, and the players worked hard.After a summer of training and competition, our team has paid a lot of sweat, very sorry, I hope our team can continue to work hard.”At the press conference after the game, Li Nan expressed regret for the team’s defeat and thanked the players for their efforts.However, when a reporter asked Li Nan to score the national team’s performance and coaching, Li Nan directly responded, saying: “I am sure of the team’s mental outlook. Although the team’s performance has been ups and downs, it has always been excellent,” the scoreIs not objective.Our coaching staff can do better, and hope that the players will have a better state to participate in the league, and we must continue to observe and understand the players.”Li Nan admitted that the Chinese men ‘s basketball team played a lot of warm-up games in the summer, but when the game really started, the team found that the previous experience did not play a big role,” until this World Cup, we experienced real pressure, the ballThe team has been improving in the World Cup.The pressure we faced in the past is still less, and we hope to increase the number of games that exceed the pressure in the future.”Li Nan admitted that the team’s previous warm-up did not play a role.Figure / Sports United League clearly did not say that after the game, the withdrawal was quoted against the South Korean team. The atmosphere in the Guangzhou Stadium was even higher tonight, and the audience was full.Above the player channel, fans hung posters saying “Yi Jianlian, thank you for your hard work.”Many fans put on the national team jersey and waved the national flag in their hands, becoming a strong backing for the Chinese men’s basketball team.After Yi Jianlian caused a basket injury, the voice of “MVP” resounded throughout the audience; when Zhou Qi debuted, tens of thousands of fans shouted “Zhou Qi cheering”.In the face of the high-end luxury Nigeria team, in the cheering of the “sixth man” off the court, Yi Jianlian made 10 of 14 shots, scoring 27 points and 6 rebounds, leading the Chinese men’s basketball team to always bite the score, will be suspenseful.Keep it till the end.At the end of the game ahead, Yi Jianlian was still actively fighting for the basket. After grabbing a backcourt rebound, he was snatched by his opponent when he was about to counterattack. Arab League clapped his hands on the floor in anger.The game has 47 remaining.In 7 seconds, Yi Jianlian was replaced, and the auditorium shouted again the name of Arab League to pay tribute to the soul of the Chinese men’s basketball team.The final whistle sounded, Yi Jianlian won the best player in the game, and tens of thousands of fans still shouted “MVP”.However, shortly after the game, some media reported that “Yi Jianlian had withdrawn from the national team.”At the press conference, a reporter noticed this and Yi Jianlian was suddenly very surprised. “When did I say this?””Indirectly clarified the false rumors.”This game is of great significance to the Chinese men ‘s basketball team, and it is of particular significance to me. I cope with this game, just like the last game of my career, I do my best to help the team win a victory.We tried hard, but still failed to win the game.”Yi Jianlian thanked all the fans for their support and hoped to lead the team to achieve better results in the future.”Live fans helped the United Arab Emirates.The chances of qualifying for the Olympic Games dropout are slim. In the context of FIBA ‘s restructuring of various levels of events, the first chance to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is the 2 best European teams in this basketball World Cup. 2An American team, an Australian team, an African team, an Asian team, a total of 7 teams go directly to Tokyo.The second way to advance is to participate in the Olympic drop-off.In the context of the Iranian team overwhelming the Chinese team through the Olympics, there is indeed theoretical hope for the Chinese men ‘s basketball finalist in the Tokyo Olympics, but it is almost not for the Chinese team to break through from the Olympics waiting for the strong enemy ring.Possible tasks.According to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics drop-off contest rules, in addition to the 7 teams directly connected to Tokyo and the host Japan, the remaining 16 teams with the highest ranking among all the remaining teams in this World Cup are directly short-listed to the drop-off contest, and another 8 places are from AsiaThere are 4 regions in Africa, the Americas, and Europe, each with 2 places. A total of 24 teams compete for the remaining 4 Tokyo Olympic places.Not surprisingly, the Chinese men’s basketball team will successfully obtain the quota for the unsuccessful competition. Although the specific game time and detailed game system have not been fully determined, the strong enemy the Chinese team needs to face is already foreseeable.Assuming that Serbia and Spain will eventually go straight to Tokyo, France, Lithuania, Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Czech and other traditional strong teams will participate in the Olympic Games drop-off; if the United States team, Argentina team won the top two of the American teamName, Brazil, Puerto Rico and other American powerhouses will also become potential opponents of the Chinese men ‘s basketball team in the Olympic Games.Considering the performance of the Chinese men’s basketball team in the World Cup against Europe and America’s strong teams, it is only theoretical hope to get the only four Olympic places in the more fiercely contested Olympic dropout.Since its debut in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, the Chinese men’s basketball team has participated in nine consecutive Olympic Games. If it cannot break through from the next year’s dropout, the Chinese men’s basketball team will miss the Olympic Games for the first time.Sauna, Ye Wang Xu Bangyin editor Wang Xihuang