Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Government Office that in order to further promote the "venting service" reform in our province’s taxation, it is ensured that the relevant tax collection management reform goal is achieved in 2025, and the province has issued the "Implementation plan on further deepening tax collection and management". .

Among them, in 2025, Jiangxi will basically realize the full field of invoices, all-round, full factors, and reduce institutional transaction costs. According to the "implementation plan", high-quality promotion of tax collection and management digital upgrade and intelligent transformation, 2022 basic realization "a household", natural person tax payment information "one person" intelligent gather, 2023 basic realization tax The information "one situation", the taxpay information "one person" intelligent gather. Implement invoice electronic reform tasks, promote the application nationwide unified electronic invoice service platform, 24-hour online free delivery, delivery, delivery, inspection and other services; 2025 basic implementation invoice full field, all-round, full Elements are electronically, reducing institutional transaction costs. Ordered and powerful promotion data sharing, 2025 inter-departmental normalization, institutional data sharing coordination mechanism. According to the "Implementation Plan", in the advancement of tax service, intelligence, personalization, to promote the overall government service center of the Tax Service Department, and implement tax-funded capital review; accelerate high-frequency tax fees The service is connected to building an efficient and convenient tax area.

In 2021, it is necessary to basic to enterprise tax and fee online, personal tax and fee is handled; 2023 basic realization information system automatically extracts data, automatic calculation of tax, automatic pre-filled declaration.

To achieve property behavior tax merger declaration, value-added tax, consumption tax and urban maintenance and construction tax, etc. 6 working days. Complete the 12366 tax service hotline from 12366 tax service, and provide "7 × 24-hour" intelligent consultation service. (Reporter Zhu Hua Intern Yuan Fang) (Editor: Rona, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.