Original title: "The most beautiful pin" woven happiness city colored people in the garden of the Net Neighborhood Park.

Li Hao took the morning at 6.. This park is located in Langsen Street, Minnan District, Shenyang, south to Hengda Road, north to the South Dike Middle Road, is a community park integrating gathering events, health and leisure, neighborhood exchange, and well-being. For a while, many citizens have been surprised to discover, more and more like a small and exquisite, theme, bright green space park in Weinan Neighborhood, the pocket park is blooming, like "the most beautiful pin", woven the color of the happy city Clothes.

  Construction "The Park in your downstairs" pocket park is also known as the pocket park, as the name suggests, the relatively small green space open space, which is often scattered or hidden in the urban structure and serves local residents. Small and beautiful pocket parks not only improve the city’s ecological environment, but also become a good place for residents and fitness. It can be said that pocket park is the park in the door of the citizens, and it is also an important supplement of urban ecological leisure systems. The neighborhood park is such a pocket park. The reporter saw that although there is not all become green, the workers have begun to trim flowers, landscape flowers, and the trees in the landscape are also probably image, which makes people feel refreshed. Moreover, the park also sets a seat, promenade, etc., which is convenient for public tourists to rest, especially the red ring jogging plastic runway and basketball court, so many young people have entered the park.

Xia Ping, lives in the nearby, is delighted because of the construction of this park. "There should be such a park near home, otherwise, you will be very inconvenient to take the door after dinner. Now I will enter the park, not only beautiful, and there are special children’s play areas and basketball courts. It is really nearby residents. Good place. "With small" the most beautiful "," the most beautiful and feet "," with green is accompanied by water "is the highest praise for the improvement of Shenyang ecological environment.

At present, large-functional green gallery, such as Shenyang Weihe, Pu River, and Chess Mountain has been completed. However, with the increasing urban land resources and the improvement of the good life requirements, large-scale park service radius is increasingly prominent, and it is necessary to build pocket parks and microenvironment, let the people look for poetic "habitat" in the urban bustling. The expectation of the people is the direction of the government.

This year, with the comprehensive advancement of urban refinement management, Shenyang puts forward the goal of "Green City, Water Run City", and further promotes the construction of pocket parks and regional parks in the construction of greening construction. Currently planning newly built 1,000 pocket parks, Create urban corners into a nearby citizens’ daily leisure.

  It is understood that there are currently the construction of Pocket Park, in which the first phase of Peace district will focus on 11 pocket parks such as "Tang Gong Hall", Shenhe District all-year plan to build 110 pocket parks, Dadong plans to put pocket park Combined with urban memory and cultural improvement, it becomes the "Outdoor Living Room" of Dadong residents … What should I do with pocket parks like pocket parks? On April 14, the urban planning and design scholar Pan Yunpeng said in an interview with reporters, and the country is now like Beijing and Shanghai’s pocket parks have mature cases.

  View 1: "The location of the choice should be the ‘front of the city’s core" "The purpose of the pocket park is to reduce the blind spot of the park greenhouse, let the green forest grow into the city, so that more and more people open the window to see the green Go out to the park. Therefore, if the pocket park is built in a remote place, it has lost its own meaning.

  View 2: "Don’t have a big, you can meet the people’s demand" The area of ??the pocket park should not exceed 10,000 square meters. The design must have personality, like Shanghai Xinhua Road Pocket Park, 100 square meters of Xiaotang is a street gallery that provides continuous exhibitions, and residents can sit in the garden.

  View 3: "Although it is not too big, the characteristics should be clear, the service is good" Beijing Pocket Park, the popular science and fitness, such as the "insect hotel" in Dongcheng District, and in Chaoyang District There is also a half basketball court there. Shenyang Daily, Director of the Director of the Director of the Director of the Media in China (Editor: Wang Swen, Danglong).