2017 World Snooker China Open live broadcast address
Along with Ding Junhui, 72 players within O’Sullivan made their full appearance at the pre-match press conference on the 26th, and the Bank of Beijing 2017 World Snooker China Open will officially kick off in Beijing on the 27th.2017 World Snooker China Open Live Address: Click to enter the World Snooker China Open is China’s initial snooker professional ranking game, and is currently the only international snooker professional ranking game named after China.The event has been in Beijing antiques since 2005, and Ding Junhui won the championship of that year.This competition will be staged from March 27 to April 2 in the Beijing University Gymnasium. The total prize money of the event is up to 510,000 pounds. 72 players will compete for the final championship through the wild card game and 6 rounds of the main game.The qualifying match between Ding Junhui and last-time champion Trump will also be held in Beijing, and O’Sullivan, who reappeared in the Chinese Open after an interval of 5 years, is also a highlight of this tournament.  At the press conference on the 26th, Trump, Ding Junhui, O’Sullivan, Higgins, Selby and other superstars came to the stage to answer questions and have friendly interaction with fans.The last champion, Trump, presented gifts to the lucky fans in the official event and took a group photo.  I very much hope that younger athletes will have a good result in the wild card game, because this is the result of their persistent efforts, they need some exercise before they change their careers, and then their future development directionIt will be clear.Ding Junhui said of his expectations for this event.The full-bodied Rocket O’Sullivan joked: no, no expectations.Caused a burst of laughter at the scene.Further reading: 2017 Snooker China Open schedule schedule starts on March 27