[Can watermelon be bitter?]_ Taste bitter_Can you eat it?

In summer, watermelon is a common fruit and its price is relatively low, so many people prefer to eat it, and watermelon tastes sweet and tastes special, especially water, which always gives a refreshing feeling, but for someDo not eat bitter watermelon, because the bitter watermelon is in order to go to the storm, but the injection of too much saccharin caused by the body, after eating it is harmful to the human body, can bitter watermelon be eaten 1, although saccharin is injected thoughI’m not sure if the watermelon you bought has been injected with saccharin, but in general, after the saccharin or pigment is injected while the watermelon is still growing, it may have a bitter taste when the watermelon matures, so the watermelon you buy is veryIt may have been injected with saccharin. In fact, many businesses now inject saccharin or ripening agents in order to earn money. This will affect the taste of watermelon and the nutrition of watermelon will be destroyed.

2. It is best not to eat. If you have bitter or other flavors of watermelon, then it is best not to eat it. This kind of watermelon is either broken or injected with other chemical ingredients. The watermelon has no nutrition and taste at all, andEating too much is also harmful to the human body, and it is likely that vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea will occur. If severe, it may pose a threat to life.

What’s going on with watermelon?

Can watermelon be bitter?

3. A warm reminder may also be your own problem. Maybe you have eaten something else or have recently caught a cold. You may also feel bitter.

When buying watermelon, you should pay attention, do not buy uneven skin stripes, the flesh is very bright but the seeds are white melon, and even very large melon also try not to buy, do not look at the more deformed do not buy.

A good watermelon should have a spherical or oval shape, and its texture is relatively uniform, and the surface of the watermelon is relatively smooth.

To see if a melon is fresh, first see if it is fresh.

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