Taoist meditation

First, when the spirit of self-awareness is a time of work, it is advisable to forget the machine and calm down the mind; to guard against the fascinating thoughts, the only spirit is to be alone, and return to the true nature; at this time, it is easy to enter into the mountains and rivers.

The ten squares of the void are all gone, and they are destroyed.

In a spiritually singular environment, you can’t think about it and think about it.

Therefore, it is advisable to read it and feel it.

The mind is not sinful, and in the repairing work, it is necessary to make it out of the way; but it must not be in the faint silence; it is appropriate to focus on the whole god, concentrate on it, and protect it in a spiritual environment.When the time is not moving, when the heart has moved, the system does not move.

When you want to go to the desire, you can’t afford it. If you have already seen it, you will feel it and you will not continue.

Therefore, the ancient saying: “I am not afraid to read, I am afraid that it will be late.

“Thinking is a disease, not a medicine.”

“If you miss your mind, you will be able to go to nothing.”

If you have no thoughts, you will have no heart, no heart will be close to you, and you will also enter the room.

When one heart is scattered, illusions and distractions rise, and when life and death are not stopped, it is advisable to use the method of interception, cut off the hearts, and kill the Wanyuan.

Let the heart stay in the heart, live in the realm of the situation, the heart is not outside and the inner silence, the situation is not disturbed and quiet.

When it’s not spotless, when you don’t think about it, you’re not ignorant, you know yourself, though you’re still and lonely, though you’re always lonely, you’re alone, you’re shining, you’re so confident.

As the Yushan Lord said: “I have a god bead, and I have been locked up by dust for a long time;

“This is what a spirit alone said.”

By cultivating the road and being able to achieve a unique spirit, you can “not enter the color world without being confused, enter the sound world without being stunned, and enter the fragrant world without being enchanted, the taste world is not tempted, and the touch is not tempted.”The legal profession is not tempted by law.

“(Linji language) no entry and not contentment.

In this realm, “the words are broken, the mind is destroyed,” the most easy to understand.

Knowing the body, seeing the heart and seeing the truth.

The merits of Confucius’s “cautious independence” is also to seek to protect the spirit of this spirit.

Mencius advocated “conscience”, and Yang Mingcheng’s advocacy of “conscience” is a constant effort.

Today: “The heart is not self-confident, and one spirit is alone.”

“Second, the foreign abide by the Chinese and French Confucianism is based on the principle of “execution of the middle”, and advocates the doctrine of the mean as the world.

Laozi used “shou zhong” as his heart, and Dandao’s door repair chain was replaced by “Shouzhong” and “Shouzhong Huang”.

Buddhism also advocates “middle way”. There are two sides in the main house and the middle of the road. In the end, although the Lord does not stand in the middle, that is, the middle should also give up, but it is still better to prove the middle of the road.

Therefore, it can be said that Shouzhong is a common law.

In the first place outside the front, it is necessary to carry out the “manufacturing outside the law” law, so that the outside world is not allowed to enter the country, so it is not allowed to stay inside.

Outside the squad, there is no need to enforce the interference of external dust, and the outside world is self-defeating.

There is heaven and earth in the heavens and the earth, the universe is in the universe, the hearts of the people are in the heart, and the governors are in the middle of the council; among them, stubborn and observant, keep and not lose, then enter the Tao.

The Dan Dao School must cooperate with the Eight Diagrams and Five Elements to “regulate the rules”, and the middle is the door of the Xuan Mu, which is the root of the heavens and the earth; therefore, the “Lieutenant” is the “Holy” and “Tao” that have not been passed down through the ages.

The Guardian can be in the midst of the universe and the universe, getting the unity of the heart and the heart, and the realm of the heart and the heart, and thus deifying it.

  Third, the meditation of one law, the celestial verse: “The child wants to live forever, keep one.”

“The three saints teach people, except for the middle of the body, and again with one as the Tao.

The Tao is nothing.

Large but nothing, small but no inside; but in this emptiness, there are universes and heavens and earth, if there is no “middle”, then up and down, running and living, there is no standing, and no maintenance, but not falling.

Infinity is invisible, in the first sight.

The sacred scriptures say that “the one who keeps the truth, the one who can pass the god” is here.

Lao Tzu said: “Dao Shengyi, one life two, two students three, three things.Everything is negative and yang, and I think it is.

“All things are born in one, and they are born in the Tao.

Lao Tzu sighed again: “The heavens are clear, the earth is one, and the valley is one, and everything is alive. Wang Hou thinks that the world is awkward.”

“One of the beginnings of the Tao, and the mother of all things, so Laozi has a “guardian” training, Zhuangzi has the “I keep one, and the peace” training.

Keeping one is a step, it is the only way to enter the Tao.

Meditation in one, aiki in light, then not two or three, the heart is not two or three is determined; the walker here, should be close to the teeth, die to steal the heart, meditation in one, this is a definite way.

Mencius said: “Where is the world?

Set at one.

“Yu Zhenzi said: “What is the heart of the people?

Set at one.

“Without one mind, if you don’t think about it, you can decide.”

But the heart is not in the air, the distracting thoughts are rising, the roots are not clean, it is rare to see one, one is invisible, and the other is obedient?

Wu Zuoding?
One is the commonality of the Tao, the commonality between man and heaven and earth, seeing the Tao once, that is, the Buddha’s seeing sex.

If the heart is in the dark, it will be from the “Lingtai one is not awkward” (Zhuangzi language), and the Qingxue is clear; then you will see one, that is, seeing sex, restoring to seeing sex, you will enter the Tao.

Completely in harmony with the road, one does not stand, the sex does not stand, and it is extremely non-existent.

Everything in the universe, heaven and earth, me, and I will return to the realm of nothing.

  Fourth, the system of defensiveness and observance of the law is one of the intangible, non-existent and non-existent methods. This law of obedience is tangible and has a way of doing things.

The lady’s heart is moving, it is easy to expand and let go, it is rare to live in peace; it is not easy to say that it is in the dark, at this time, you can use the system to keep the law.

The heart is guarded, that is, the Confucianism’s “receiving the heart”.

When it comes to work, once the heart has been released, it should be replaced and tied to the shackles.

At the beginning, when you live, you can put it on, and then put it away; then put it again and then put it again; after a long time, it is pure and self-sufficient, and the Buddha’s legacy says: “The heart is one place, nothing to do.”

“The mind is moving, the system can’t afford it, and it’s too strong.”

Buddhism repairs, there are “three ways to stop the system, the heart is stopped, the body is really stop”, so all the interest is reversed, and it is attributed to no heart, no thoughts, no desires, no inaction, and liberation.

Department of defense, Shang Dantian, Zhongdantian, Xia Dantian, etc., initially to keep the Dantian as a general rule.

The only one who has the first start is to teach the eyebrows and the mudballs. This is also known as Huang Tingfa.

There are also teaching the nose column, the palace, the sea, the seabed, the life gate, especially the esoteric law is the most mysterious.

Therefore, the ancient saying: “The Taoist method is three thousand six hundred and six hundred. Everyone holds a seedling root. Who knows some sons and porches, not three or six hundred.”

“Gap with “This is not a few 窍, 乾 共 共 共.

“It can’t be said.”

When the time comes, you have to see it.

Taoist defensive law, full of slogans, there are works, there are fires, there are qualifiers, there are tests, there is a realm; but this is to come to people to know, not enough to think outsiders.

  Five, humbly and pragmatically, Lao Tzu said: “The imaginary heart, the real belly.

“The pot says that if the heart is not empty, then God will die, but if the abdomen is not true, then it will be dangerous.”

“If you don’t have a heart, you can’t be empty, and you can’t be clear.”

If there is nothing in the heart, then there is nothing in the heart. If there is no thought in the heart, then it will be ignorant. If there is no reason, then the heart will be ignored. If nothing is done, then nothing will happen.And enter the nowhere to go!

Regardless of the use of the hollow air law, the method of depositing the mind, or the method of the empty space, the method of keeping the environment hollow, always seeks the power of this heart to be quiet and quiet, and the ethereal god is wonderful.

And the word “belly” refers to Dantian, the land of the five elements, and the treasure of human life.

The rumor of Taoism is that there is a “solid gas method”, and there is a “gathering abdomen method”, and the belly is called “Dan Tian You Bao”.

After Dan Tian has a treasure, there are still “picking medicine”, “passing through”, “taking food”, “warming” bathing, “returning to Dan” and “deification”.The real abdomen “Kun” abdomen, the humbly “disengaged” the heart; therefore, there are “the real Yin take food” and “take the hurdle to fill away”; this is also the intersection of heart and kidney, transforming the yin and yang.

Therefore, the heart is at the heart of God, and the belly is not dead.

  Sixth, when the heart is doing the Kung Fu according to the law, the heart is not easy to be unified, and it is not easy to tie it. If you want to distract from it, you will not be able to get into the static setting.

Therefore, this method can be adopted to make the heart depend on each other.

Stay in the air.

I will do my best, and I will live my heart and interest.

When the heart meets, the heart is integrated.

Xuanmen has the method of residence, the method of stopping interest, the method of living the heart, and the method of stopping the heart; it is the main point of breathing control, gas control, psychological control, and mental control.

Perfection is all the silence of the world, one mind is not born, the human and the law are both empty, when the two are able to make a difference, it leads to the entrance of the sexuality, and the realm of “after the return of the sun, the heavens and the earth are all spring”.

When this method is first introduced, it can be interdependent with “extraordinary interest”, and it can be compatible with “fetal interest”. It can be restored to superiority and can be dependent on “true interest.”

The true interest is the innate interest law. It seems to be interest-free and has no interest. It seems to be interest-free and real interest. The interest is in harmony with the heavens and the earth, and the human heart is also in harmony with the heart of heaven and earth.

This method can not be used to rely on the heart, but to “like seems to be dependent on each other, seems to be not dependent on time and like.”

The practitioners began to get started with the popular “counting method” and “hearing method”.

  Seven, the meditation of the gods, the law of solitude, the law of the solitude of the gods is not condensing “the gods”, but condensing “the gods.”

Everyone who is separated from God and God can be enlightened.

The method of the illuminating method can be started from the singularity of the singer, and it will be able to produce Yuanyang for a long time without swaying.

If you take a ride, you can condense the gods and the quiet “Xuanyuan 窍” (also known as Xuanyuan 窍 as “the porch”), this easy to enter the big and born “real fire”, also known as “shen fire.”

(The real fire is different from the fire.

Danjia refining medicine.

More misunderstandings of the use of fire, big mistakes.

This fire can kill the dead and the bones of the flesh;

Only those who do not know the “stop fire” are easy to escape from the fire, and even burned out, causing people to die, so practitioners must also understand the “anti-risk” approach.

In ancient times, the saints squandered their hearts and took photos of them, condensing their gods and taking photos of them; and thus it was necessary to calm down the law.

The static pole is full of business, and the extreme is not the world; this incredible situation, and the demise of the Buddha family, there is a great court.

The Zen Buddhism is meditation, and the meditation is set to nine times. It is aimed at the nature of the meditation. However, it is different from the method of Dan Dao Men Ting. The main principle of this method is that the Lord is in the heart of the meditation, so he is still inside.machine.
“Shao Zi said that” one thought back to the machine, that is, the same as the original.

“This lord has the magical effect of “returning the machine”. Not only can he live by the real yang and the fire of the gods, but he can return to his vitality; and he can use the “people’s celestial hair” to promote the “human sense” and return to its secrets., complex its body.

The so-called “return to the machine through three barriers, the dead trees are full of spring flowers” is always.

The power of condensing the gods is incredible. The ancient saying is that “the sincerity comes, the stone is open.”

“It is predictable that a work method footnote.

Jing Yu: “The annihilation is tempting, and it does not destroy the heart.”

“The glory of the glory, in the often silent, often silent; often need to recognize – “coagulation is not intended to condense, according to the unlicensed photo”!

Otherwise, the difference is a small amount, and it is lost in a thousand miles.

  Eight, the return to the light method of returning light is to do the kung fu, it is advisable to clean up the spirit, following the correspondence of Taiyi Jinhua: “When Wan Wanyuan put it down, only use the Brahma ∴ , word, save the eyebrows in the middle of the word, left the left eye,Right click on the right eye, then the two eyes of the gods, self-satisfied.

The eyebrow is the head of the sky, which is the total household of the three light will be returned.

“(By the word “Vatican”, the sun and the moon are in the human body.

The total household is the so-called sun and moon wall of the Dan book.

) To clean up the spirit, it is so that the essence of the whole body is gathered in one place; the light is so that the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth are all condensed, and the light of the sun and the moon is nothing.

Therefore, the classics said: “There is no one to go back to the light.”

After returning to the light for a long time, the light condenses and becomes a natural body.”The light has condensed into a body, and it is gradually becoming more and more versatile. This secret is not passed down through the ages.”

“There is no light in the heavens and the earth, and there is light in the human body; the heart has a spiritual light, the sexuality has a spiritual light, and the brain has a brain-lighted Buddha who calls the head light.” The five senses are a child, there is no energy, no god, noLight; the god is born, the god is dead; its light is also true.

Back to the light, so the light back to the universe, the light back to the heart, the light that comes out of nature, the light that the internal body returns to the eye, will live in the eyebrows, and live in the mud pill;A round light.

At the same time, the method of returning to the parallel.

The method of returning to the shackles is to use the concept to raise their gods.

Tian Xuanzi said: “Xuanmen has “three times of light law” and “five return to the law”.

Covering “a thought back to the light”, you can take the opportunity of heaven and earth!

If you look at it, you can see it.

“Everything must be in both minds and minds. When you think about the next life, you can practice it, so it is also the law of silence.”

The Buddhist monasteries of the Tiantai sects have a double-education, and there are three-three-three-viewing methods, which are extremely detailed; the Zen subjectively examines the mind, the secret esoteric subjectively wants to hold the slogan, and the Huayan main law circles are lining; all this replaces the literary method.

Although the law of defamation is different, it is completely true, and it is also one.