“Help me look here,Pay special attention to Xiao Song’s safety。”
“I look for a chance to take her away?”
“Where can i go?”
Black unicorn stuck,Really nowhere to run,Everywhere in this world is each other’s,Beat and beat,But you can’t just watch this old thing so unscrupulously。
“Don’t think so much,Do as i say。”
Li Tianzhen no longer pays attention to the black unicorn after finishing talking,And no longer rush into the small world,And turn to meditation,This is what he learned from the book in the Tibetan Scriptures building when he was enlightened by Liuyun,Whenever the heart is upset,It is the most effective way to return yourself to nature。
Night,The void beyond the sky,Star bright,A strong storm came from afar,A quietly orbiting asteroid belt nearby suddenly agitated,Spin crazy,Hit each other,The huge energy wave generated caused more asteroids to collide with each other,Chaos for a while,long time,The chaos gradually subsided。
Calm in the asteroid belt,Continue along the established trajectory mightily,The place hit by the chaos just now is insignificant,It’s just that suddenly there is a huge humanoid shadow mount on the star belt。
And not far from this phantom,Also came a ghost,Stand silently,The weird thing is,This kind of standing is actually moving forward quickly,Is not much slower than the speed of the asteroid belt。
Two phantoms look at each other,Long time no words,Two gamblers,Also two opposing wills meet again,The two sides are no longer as gentle as they were last time,All with a strand**taste。
“I can’t wait to beat you up now。”
“If you do,Bet contract automatically expires,you sure?”
“Dare to threaten,Believe it or not, let the whole world return to nothingness。”