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Mango is a tropical fruit that is rich in vitamins and fruit acids. Regular consumption of mango is of great benefit to human health.

Although mango is good, people can’t eat mango casually, especially for children who are one and a half years old.

One-and-a-half-year-old children are relatively weak, and they must strictly control their diet. They must not know if mango is harmful to children before they can eat them.

So, can one and a half years old eat mango?

During the growth of the baby, eating some mangoes properly will not have an adverse effect, but make a reasonable choice according to the child’s physique. If the child is allergic, he cannot eat mangoes. A one and a half-year-old baby usually does not have anyIf you have allergies, you can eat some mangoes properly. After eating mangoes, you should observe your child’s skin changes and stool.

1 Mango is rich in rich nutrients, and you can eat some mangoes when you are young. A one and a half year old can eat a small amount of mangoes, which will not have adverse effects, but if itchy skin and redness appear,It is best not to eat mango, to avoid other complications.

The gastrointestinal function of babies 2 and a half years old is better. In this case, eating less mango may not have adverse effects. If the child does not have hereditary symptoms, and the child ‘s parents do not have any allergiesPhenomenon, you can properly give your child some mango.

3 Mango contains more nutrients and minerals, but there is a baby who is younger or has an allergic constitution, which may cause eczema or skin redness. Generally, a baby with a stronger body resistanceYou can eat mangoes at the age of about one.

Precautions Mango contains a lot of nutritional ingredients. In the process of children’s growth, proper eating of mangoes will not have an adverse effect. Babies aged one and a half can eat mangoes. It is best to eat one or a half at a time.Little mango.