Why does she always feel dirty

Ma, a girl who just graduated from high school, did not know she was embarrassed recently. She washed her face again and again in the morning. Before going out, she always felt that her face was not cleaned and she always looked in the mirror.

Especially with children and women, she lowered her head quickly like a thief.

At first, the mother thought that the girl was beautiful and shy, and she didn’t take it too seriously, but later she found out that the girl would take out her little mirror and take pictures all the time.

The mother said that she had no effect on countless times, and even the two had a lot of quarrels over this matter, so angry that the mother had nothing to do.

  By chance, the mother listened to a neighbor who told her that her child might be having a psychological problem, and scared her to take her child to a psychologist.

After a detailed understanding, the psychologist found the crux of the matter.

  It turned out that once the classmates went on an outing, Ma girl unexpectedly met a beggar with a dirty face behind a big tree, and she was so scared that “Soul” flew.

Since then, she always feels that her face is not clean, like that beggar, afraid to go out and make others laugh and scare other children’s children.

  The psychiatrist diagnosed her with “horrifying neurogenetics” according to the statement of Madam Ma. The best way to treat this mental illness is to use natural psychotherapy, enlighten step by step, and gradually change the “shadowing” in the mind.

The “prescription” of the psychiatrist’s treatment is: First, ask Ma ‘s parents to find neighbors and relatives separately, ask them to help, and often say that Ma is beautiful (as long as they see Ma)They often come to the house, chat with Ma, go shopping, to distract her attention.

  Second, let an aunt with a 8-year-old girl in the neighbor ‘s house often go to Ma ‘s room, pretending to let Ma to help with the homework, so that Ma is psychologically acceptable to the child, and the child is psychologically close to the horse.girl.

  Third, I implore one of her middle school female classmates (Ma Ma’s most trusted) to accompany her in life drift, both wash their faces at the same time and go out at the same time.

The classmates told Ma in advance that if her face was not dirty, she could not look in the mirror. Whoever violated the rules was punished.

  After more than a month of treatment, Ma’s heart condition was completely cured.