What kind of person are you in the workplace

When you eat at a high-end Western restaurant, the waiter passes by you and accidentally knocks over the hot coffee, which stains your clothes, but the waiter has no intention to apologize, you will .Toilet, or just wipe the clothes 2 forget it!

Be careful next time. 3 Directly wait for the Haibian waiter. 4 Frown and say, “Is there anything wrong?

“5 spoke to other waiters and said,” Call your manager!

6 Anger, speechless, and would like to hit people who choose 1: First-rate crisis response ability, high-efficiency personnel in large enterprises, but sometimes too fast response can make others wrong.

But don’t be too arbitrary, or you won’t get sincere approval from everyone.

We must learn to respect our supervisors and be considerate to our subordinates.

The impulsive index is 80%, and the attitude of doing things is serious. Aggressiveness is the best advantage. Most of them are planners or strategists.

No matter what kind of attitude you are now, as long as you adjust it in time, everyone can become a master of communication!

May wish to test the colleagues and officers, the next time you communicate with them will be more handy.

  Choice 2 person: Although there is a rack of good people, it is indeed a veteran style!

Well-informed you may be a big boss.

When employees talk back to you, you will always use internal practice to turn this “disrespect” into loyalty or “reflection of public opinion”, so there are few conflicts at work, because others know you will forgive.

If you have an impulsive index of 5%, you will lose your temper; if it is shocking, please be angry in time, otherwise the tiger will not let others misunderstand you as a sick cat!

  Choice 3: Hey!

Don’t make it!

How can such impulse take on the big task?

People who usually have a personality and a more aggressive attitude, I believe that colleagues have feelings, especially the bad impression of “developed limbs; courageous and scheming” will hold you firmly, making it difficult for you to want to change in the future!

Maybe you don’t have a temperament every time you discuss work with your colleagues, but often someone has a sense of fear and treats you like a beast.

If you have an impulse index of 100%, it is best to try to be silent for a while. When you are full of ideal ambitions, find a colleague who has a confidant to “negotiate”.All true prejudices will disintegrate!

Be patient, not to resign for a trivial matter.

  Choice 4: While complaining, you are trying to adjust your mood.

As long as the facial expression energy is not enough to show the appearance of birth, it should be good, maybe give you a little more time, you can solve things smoothly.

But if you want to continue to break up your thoughts, it may cause discomfort to colleagues or chief executives, and everyone will privately list you as a “communication barrier”.

The impulse index is 20%, and the advice to you is: Sometimes silence is better than sound!

  Choice 5: Usually you are a person who attaches great importance to management methods. To put it simply, you may be a sociable executive-level person; or you may be an EQ master who has seen a lot of wind and waves.

When you are in conflict with someone at work, the method you immediately think of is: ask a higher-ranking officer to rule. When you decide to do so, you may have offended many people!

Because other people will think you are suspected of making a small report, and the supervisor will think you are not good at processing.

Impulse index of 30%, usually female mid-level staff.

  Choice 6: When you disagree with colleagues or bosses at work, you will only secretly XXX, and rarely publish your real thoughts. In this way, even if you have good opinions, others will never be able toknow.

Of course, you have to choose to communicate with the color, instead of relying on loud voice will prevail.

Thankfully, your impulsive index is 60%. In this situation, it is normal to “think” about beating people. Most of them are ordinary office workers.