Even your own six know。
This moment,Dawn Mountain knows that this is definitely not ordinary Taiji.。
It should be the previous kind of heart。
“Lee brother,This is fine this time.?
Can you teach it again??
Especially the method of breathing。”
“Forehead,Row,Actually, it’s really simple”Next, Li Hui also taught three times again.,Dawn Mountain and Dawn are only remembered.。
“Lee brother,You are too extreme, I can teach the father.?”
I heard the words of Dawn Mountain,Li Rong Life:“Li big brother,You will be yours.,Why do you ask me??
You just have a good time.,Who is teaching who likes to teach?。”
Have Li Hui, this way,Dawn is happy with Dawn Mountain.。
Although the two have no obvious,But the excitement of the eyes is to make people see clearly。
Ye Shuangzhou did not expect a general surprise for the two people.,I have to know that he follows Li Hui’s Taiji.,There are five birds。
The five birds are best used.。
Every time you just finish a set,God is refreshed,Have you eaten?。
Even his physical fitness is also a lot.。
The ability of men in the man is directly enhanced.。
Some difficult movements are also easy to talk to him.。
Now he is a typical dress, thin strip, the existence of meat。
Four people rushed down the mountain,When you go down the mountain, Li speaks with the leaves and the leaves.,Do not stay after landing。
See the movements of the leaves,Dawn is all the earnings of the other party with the Law Mountain.。
It is clear that Li will teach the wind and ducts with the wind.。
Although it is not to fly the kind of light work,But the foot is gently,The action that is easy to jump out again,The two are all eye。
Dawn is down with the dawn mountain,Be sure to let Li speak in the army。
Chapter 994 Shen Lingmei
All the way,The two thoroughly saw the treasure of the treasure of Li Hui Feng.。
Just take it out,They feel that the soldiers in the troops have an inclusive benefit.。
Breakfast or lamb soup,The lamb soup of the lotus village is to give people a feeling of eating.。
There is also the taste of the big cake,Although ordinary is equipped with lamb soup, it is one。