Jordan repealed Exotic Regulations

Rape exempted from punishment for marrying victim?
Jordan repealed Exotic Regulations

The lower house of the Jordanian National Assembly voted one day to amend a law that abolishes criminal sanctions in the criminal law for rapists to marry victims as wives.

This initiative was welcomed by Jordan and international women’s rights protection organizations.

  In Jordan, raped women are often discriminated against and considered a family shame. Marrying someone who rapes them is seen as a decent way out.

Article 308 of the Jordanian Criminal Code provides that if a woman is raped, the rapist will be exempt from punishment if she marries the victim.

  During the debate among members, some members suggested that article 308 should be amended, not completely abolished, on the grounds that marriage protects the reputation of rape victims.

Jordan’s Prime Minister Hani Mulji made it clear before the parliament’s vote that the Jordanian government supports the abolition of the clause, and the final vote was consistent with the government’s position.

  According to the law, after the legislative legislation is passed in the lower house, it also needs to be approved by the Upper House of the National Assembly and King Abdullah II to exercise power, but usually the motion supported by the Jordanian government is approved.

Therefore, immediately after the results of the vote in the lower house, women’s rights institutions such as the Jordan’s National Women’s Committee welcomed and supported.

  ”This is a victory for the feminist and financial movements in Jordan,” said Salman Nimes, secretary general of the Jordanian Women’s Commission.

Eva Abharawe, a lawyer who works for a financial organization, said: This is a victory for all women victims and a result of years of hard work by a common body that has participated in the protection of women’s rights.

  According to the Associated Press, terrorism in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia has also abolished relevant regulations that can be used as legal sanctions for rape victims to marry victims.

But according to the US-based 武汉夜生活网 Hypertension Watch, similar regulations still exist in some Middle Eastern and Latin American countries, as well as the Philippines and Tajikistan in Asia.

(Bao Xuelin)[Xinhua News Agency Special]Original title: Rape raped by the victim can be exempt from punishment?

Jordan repealed Exotic Regulations