Yoga jogging helps you effectively relieve stress

Jogging can increase concentration and clarity of mind, and at the same time make people flexible and energetic.

Joggers are overly stable in their physical and emotional responses because they do not secrete many stimulating hormones under sudden blows or constant stress.

Joggers sleep less than the average person, but they can sleep better, so they are often awake and not drowsy.

Jogging can enhance lung function, strengthen the muscles around the lungs, make the lungs stronger, at the same time increase lung vitality, reduce residual old gas in the lungs, and turn the condensed lungs into full use.

Jogging also enhances heart function, making the heart strong and powerful.

Because jogging can reduce the heart’s beating rate, the heart’s beating frequency and exercise level are balanced with each other. During jogging, the heart pumps more blood with each beat, so the heart’s beating frequency is reduced and energy is saved.

After jogging, the muscles are stronger and stronger.

Although jogging consumes the body’s energy, it is more important to readjust the appetite function in the brain, so jogging can reduce appetite and reduce weight.

In addition, joggers secrete less stomach acid than normal people, which reduces the possibility of diabetes.

Jogging can also be implanted with a natural laxative, so joggers have normal gastrointestinal functions and rarely have constipation.

Jogging also treats diabetes, how low the body is, and other blood sugar problems normalize.

At the same time, it can clear all the systems in the body and help the intestines, bladder, pores, mucous membranes, lungs and cells excrete waste.

When you jog, you will feel smooth and calm.

  Although jogging is prevalent today, many people have a large misunderstanding of the method of jogging. Jogging in the wrong way causes sports injuries.

Some people force themselves to strain their muscles and try to run again, causing jogging to become self-tortured.

It’s best to wear warm, sweat-absorbent clothes, such as cotton undershirts, for jogging, but any loose fit will do.

To keep the body warm and increase the amount of sweat to help the body’s metabolism.

You can wear any comfortable running shoes, but if you jog on the road, you must have good insoles.

Jogging on dirt is better, but special care should be taken to avoid falls or sprains.

Before jogging, it is important to warm up and practice deep breathing.

When jogging, the pace is slow and even and regular in order to last for a long time without being tired.

The proper breathing method for jogging is better with diaphragm diaphragm breathing.

You should breathe through your nose. The exhalation time is double the inhalation.

Exhale completely when exhaling to exert toxins in the body.

When you are fully focused on exhaling, listen to the sound of breath flowing from the soft jaw through the nasal cavity.

The best way to adjust your jogging speed is based on your air needs.

If you can’t get enough air from your nose, it’s that you’re running too tightly and too fast. You should slow down or use walking until your breathing is smooth.

If you can still inhale and exhale through your nose, you can still reach your maximum capacity.

If you can jog with 3/4 of your physical fitness, jogging is comfortable and beneficial.

  The best way to jog is to run on your toes. This keeps your pace light and stimulates the effect of jogging.

Do not open your mouth or wave your arms suddenly during jogging.

Keep breathing through your nose, close your lips, lift your arms slightly to your chest, hold your fists, and shift back and forth regularly to bring your elbows close to your body.

Be sure to relax the front and lift your head, keep the spine straight, and let the abdomen move naturally in and out when breathing.

When jogging, you must pay full attention, especially with your breathing, and enjoy the joy of jogging.

Because the muscles relax, the oxygen in the lungs and blood can flow freely, and the mind is calmed down.

When jogging downhill, be especially careful. Slow down and reduce your feet so that you do n’t hurt your knees or feet.

Jogging itself should be rhythmic and natural, and movements should be gentle and elegant.

There are different variations of jogging, and twist jogging is a good one.The so-called twist jogging is to twist the trunk to the rhythm of the pace from one side to the other.

When these scratches move, power is generated, and the extent to which the hands are raised determines the twist point.

This twist strengthens the spinal nerves and massages the internal organs.

Another variation is to hold your arms high above your head and jog with your hands together. This expands the aspect ratio, so more fresh air is delivered to the lungs, and it can make a small amount and a small amount of a good part.

The third way is to raise the alignment while jogging, and then kick your shoulders with your heels.

This jogging method can help the joints move, but it takes more effort to do well.

When the jogging is over, don’t stop right away, or your body will become stiff.

If you breathe properly, once you sweat a lot, you will clean your system.

  You should take a bath at least half an hour after jogging, otherwise you will hurt your body and your pores will need time to let the waste out.

Your body should stay warm at this time.

After jogging, warm up and stretch tendons can avoid cramps or sore muscles. Yoga exercises should be very effective.

Doing yoga moves before jogging can relax your whole body and boost your spirits.

Doing yoga after jogging can keep your mind calm and balanced throughout the day.

If you are obese, older or physically weak, you should start walking before jogging.

In the early morning, the air is particularly fresh and is good for jogging.

In the evening, when you are exhausted, it is another good time for jogging.

Because jogging readjusts metabolism and energizes people.

The most difficult thing is to persevere and develop habits.

Never run shortly after a meal, at least a few hours after you restart.

  Jogging outdoors is better than indoors, but running indoors or in place is better than not running.

It is best to practice twice a day in the morning and evening. It doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes to get results.

Running 500 steps at a relaxed and comfortable pace and breathing about 100 times is a good run.

Running 4,800 meters a day is a goal that you should work hard to achieve.

The effect of long-distance fast running is not as good as that of short-distance regular jogging, and it is less able to reach the physiological and psychological threshold.

Women can also practice jogging like men, but avoid it during menstruation, the last five or six months of pregnancy, and within six weeks of delivery.

Women should protect their breasts while jogging and wear breast-fixing clothing or bras.

When jogging, women must touch their toes gently to avoid uterine displacement.

Jogging is particularly beneficial to women because they are subdued by other types of physical activity and are physically weaker.

Jogging is also good for children.

Although children often run, jump, play, and play, most of them have bad personality because they do not accept systematic and regular exercises. Jogging can correct mistakes.

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