Don’t let the Chinese doctor become a farce

Ejiao is equal to boiled mink?
Don’t let the Chinese doctor become a farce

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Ejiao is made from dried or fresh skin of alfalfa.

According to the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China, donkey-hide gelatin is a dry gel or fresh skin of the equine animal, which is decoctioned and concentrated into a solid gel. It has the effects of nourishing blood, nourishing yin, moistening dryness and stopping bleeding.

A large number of clinical practice and research have confirmed that Ejiao improves the efficacy of TCM “Blood Deficiency Syndrome”, but “Blood Deficiency Syndrome” does not equal the “anemia” of modern medicine.

It is too ridiculous to simply match gelatin to “boiled mink” and collagen.

The master of Chinese medicine, Zhang Canzhen, used Ejiao, the first to cure the disease. Basically, the famous Chinese medicine master Zhang Canzhen was a Shandong native. He replaced the Ejiao research before his death.

He once said that “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” has determined that Ejiao “has long-term service and is good for the body”. Light body means that the body is light, bloody and full, and Qi is a vitality.

Zhang Canzhen believes that the use of Ejiao is the first to cure the disease, Ejiao is flat, and it is widely used in prescriptions. It is widely used. It is based on the curative effect of treating diseases and saving people, which has achieved the clinical application history and inheritance history of Ejiao for a thousand years.For example, the habit of eating ointment in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is the typical application of Ejiao in the treatment of disease, and the effect of health is achieved through the system conditioning of the cream.

The master of Chinese medicine, Jin Shiyuan, is the soul of clinical efficacy.

“The master of Chinese medicine, Jin Shiyuan, has been in the military for nearly 80 years. He said that the so-called medicinal herbs are the quality and good curative medicines that have been summarized by the clinical experience of countless generations of doctors.

Such as “Huaishan”, “Chuanbei”, “East E-Jiao” and so on are all authentic herbs.

The “Jinong Materia Medica”, which was originally recorded in Ejiao, mentioned: “The real rubber is produced in the ancient land of the ancient Qi, and it is best cooked in Ajing.”

Natural conditions such as climate, water temperature, soil, humidity, and other artificial conditions such as cultivation, harvesting, processing, processing, production and production processes all affect the efficacy of the medicine.

The factors of geopolitan are the Dong’a groundwater and pure black sable and the national intangible cultural heritage Dong’e Ejiao production skills.

In a small Donga Ejiao rubber block, there are 345 patented technologies, and 37 items have been divided into national standards. Is it so simple to cook boiled skin?

Gynecologist Wang Biqin gynecological diseases are common to Ejiao, the clinical efficacy can reflect the scientific Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dongzhimen Hospital gynecological chief physician Wang Biqin often used in the diagnosis and treatment of Ejiao, because through the compatibility, Ejiao blood to stop bleeding.

Is gelatin specific for a disease?

Wang Biqin said that in the treatment of menstrual disease, such as “less menstrual flow, post-menstrual error or even amenorrhea”, often use the “Miscellaneous Source Rhinoceros” (Qing Jin Shen Jin) in the Ejiao Siwu Tang (Ejiao), Rehmannia glutinosa, Angelica, etc.) and “Golden Lack of Essentials” (Han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing) recorded in Wenjing Tang (Wu Yi, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Peony, Ginseng, Guizhi, Ejiao, Ginger, etc.) as the foundation, here EjiaoAs a “blood and flesh and affectionate product”, Gan Wen quality, can decompose blood; after treatment “menstrual dripping, uterine bleeding”, often used in the “Golden Alternatives” written in the gelatin soup (Ejiao, Ai Ye, Rehmannia glutinosa, Angelica, peony, etc.), at this time, Ejiao follows the two-way regulation of blood and hemostasis.

“In the treatment of pregnancy fetal leakage, it will use Shoutai Pills (Citrus, Mulberry, Dipsa, Ejiao, etc.), which can nourish the kidney and stop the bleeding; and in the treatment of menopause before and after the symptoms, upset, insomnia, irritability will useHuanglian Ejiao soup comes to nourish Yin and nourish blood.

A few days ago, the head of the Washington IVF Center went to the gynecological exchange study at Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. I was very curious about the improvement of ovarian function in Chinese medicine. Asked Wang Biqin, what kind of medicine is it to restore these functions?

Wang Biqin explained that the theoretical system of Chinese and Western medicine is different. Western medicine uses a single-flavored medicine to treat diseases mainly; traditional Chinese medicine uses multi-purpose prescriptions to treat people-oriented.

Chinese medicine is through the overall conditioning, so that the patient’s cells are active, blood circulation is good, so that their functions reach a healthy state, and the ovarian function naturally recovers.

Wang Biqin said, just as Western medicine believes that Ejiao can not make blood, because it is found that Ejiao does not contain the main substance “iron” for hematopoiesis.

From the perspective of reductionism, Western medicine deconstructs “blood” into plasma, blood cells, genetic material, and then analyzes these components and deconstructs them into various proteins, impurities, iron, copper, vitamin C and other substances.

The “blood” of Chinese medicine is made up of “qi”.

Obviously, the concept of “blood” and “blood-filling” of Chinese and Western medicine is different. How can we understand the function of Chinese medicine Ejiao “blood-filling” through the theory of “blood-filling” of Western medicine?

“Ejiao is considered not to be blood because of the exclusion of ‘iron’.

However, the formula containing gelatin can be used to repair the hematopoietic function of the human body and enhance the immunity of the body through the overall regulation of the human body, thereby achieving the effect of enriching blood.

“Wang Biqin said, “The clinical efficacy is a scientific one.

Modern medical research has also proved that Ejiao has a significant increase in red blood cells, hemoglobin and hematocrit, which can significantly enhance hematopoietic function; it can also increase the number of white blood cells and enhance the body’s immunity; it can fight tumors and promote bone healing.Protects the brain and fights fatigue.

Traditional Chinese medicine expert Shi Renchao Ejiao blood, blood deficiency is the right medicine, improper compensation will hinder the stomach “First, in the view of Chinese medicine, Ejiao blood, blood deficiency is the right medicine; even if it is virtual, if not blood deficiency, It requires an experienced doctor to guide the use.

In essence, the indications for the tonics are virtual, and it is not appropriate if the symptoms are true.

Shi Renchao, a Chinese medicine physician at the Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province, said.

He said, it should also be noted that improper use of tonic drugs will hinder the stomach, weak spleen and stomach, and even tonic, but also need to take care of the spleen and stomach.

Inexperienced Chinese medicine is often difficult to apply to Ejiao. However, in the medicine cabinet, you can buy Ejiao and eat Ejiao only by the recommendation of the shopping guide. Can you prove it?

Can you not hurt people?Ejiao, although “food and medicine”, is non-toxic and can be eaten, but after all, it also has the effect of medicine, which can be used as a substitute for other foods.

Since it is a medicine, it needs to be taken reasonably and should be standardized under the guidance of TCM theory.

Only in this way can we use the evidence and eat healthy.

“The blood-filling effect of Ejiao is of course undoubted, and it has outstanding effects in the rehabilitation of blood deficiency syndrome.

Shi Renchao said that it is necessary to arbitrarily expand the indications of Ejiao for the sake of the needs of the interests, and this phenomenon will be pushed as long as it is willing to pay.

The practice of doing this without proof is that the injury is entirely the manufacturer of Ejiao, which will affect the public’s recognition of traditional Chinese medicine.

The figure * indicates that the performance of bleeding is not clearly indicated in the classics, but it is inferred from other aspects that there should be bleeding symptoms.

See the first level argument for details.

The health rehabilitation scholar Lin Yin Ejiao “stops the blood and nourish yin” and “hurricane to receive the sputum” effect can be tested, but the effect of magnifying gelatin is not suitable for Ejiao as a class B non-prescription drug, the function recorded in the “People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia” has three: bloodZiyin “Running dry” “stop bleeding.”

Lin Yin and student Wang Yichen, Ma Fangfang analyzed the first article of the Ejiao Fang, contained in Zhang Zhongjing’s “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” and “The Golden Chamber”, among which the loess soup, Jiao Ai Tang (also known as Zigui Jiao Ai Tang),Wenjing Decoction, Pulsatilla Plus Glycyrrhiza Ejiao Decoction, and the main syndromes of Danggui Jianzhong Decoction and Dahuang Ganzi Decoction have obvious bleeding symptoms (as shown in the above chart).

In “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, Huanglian Ejiao Tangzhi “in the heart of the virtual, not lying” is not limited to this, such as the sun disease treatment “virtual annoyance can not sleep” there is a scorpion soup, treatment of “virtual labor, trouble, no sleep” with jujube (ren) Soup, so “the heart is empty, not lying” should not be the main card of berberine gum soup.

Some scholars have verified that the small Zhu bird soup in the Dunhuang posthumous book “Auxiliary Lines and Dirty Drugs” is the same as the Huanglian Ejiao Decoction group. It is mainly for the “days of fever, lack of heart, endogenous fever, restlessness, and time to benefit.”Pure blood such as chicken and duck liver”, indicating that this card should have bleeding symptoms.

It is said that the main card of licorice soup is “the cold-blooded dynasty, the heart is smashing”, but this party is also known as Fumai Tang in the “Qianjinyifang” volume, “The main deficiency is not enough, sweating is boring, veins, heart palpitations”.
There may be a “women’s half-product leakage, men’s blood loss and insufficiency” (“Golden 匮 · · 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血 血.

The main card of pig broth is “thirsty to drink water, urinary is unfavorable”, but there are taboos for “when it is sweaty and thirsty, and can not be combined with pig broth” (“Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Identifying Yangming Diseases and Treating Diseases”)”Nour home can not sweat, sweat will be bloody” (“Treatment on the cold, distinguishing the sun disease and syndrome”), indicating that the lymphatics are easy to see urine.

It can be seen that the use of Ejiao in the prescription is mainly based on bleeding.

The ancients used Ejiao to stop bleeding, which proved to be the product of the “pictogram” thinking, that is, taking its sticky nature to stop the blood.

Therefore, in the first official revision of the Materia Medica-Tang Dynasty “new revision of the original grass”, Ejiao was listed as a “general medicine” for the “three types of disease syndrome” of “women’s collapse”, “pregnant fetus” and “intestinal pus”.

The Ming Dynasty doctor Chen Jialu classified Ejiao as a “sputum agent” rather than a supplement: “Hey, the astringent agent also.

“The blood is not broken, it is suitable for the cockroach, the genus of Ejiao.

(“Materia Medica, General Theory, Ten Agents”) Zou Yu, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty, said that the people who are afflicted with qi and blood will lose money, while the blood deficiency is easy to produce wind, plus the original side supplements qi, qi, blood circulationMedicine, at this time with a small amount of Ejiao is to prevent overcorrection: “Let Ejiao save it.”

羸 羸 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 血 血 血 血 血

This armored pill, the yam of the yam, is not a scorn.

(“The Book of Scriptures, Volume II, Ejiao”) Tang Dynasty Chenzang said clearly, “all kinds of glue can cure the wind” and “the main wind of the suede glue is the most” (quoted from Song Su Shi “this sketch”Jing, Volume XIII, Ejiao”), it can be seen that Ejiao can “receive the wind”.

Lin Yin and his graduate students reviewed the rehabilitation classics and related materials, which proved that Ejiao has the effect of stopping bleeding and moistening dryness and removing wind.

But at the same time, the rumors of “Yang Guiyu’s Ejiao Beauty” and “Ci Xi’s Ejiao Antai” popular on the Internet can only be confirmed by consulting historical materials.

Online quoted Xiao Xing’s poems, saying that Yang Guifei is the “originator” of Ejiao beauty, saying that Yuhuan is not “naturally succulent”, and almost relies on stealing Ejiao to raise Yan Meijun: “Leading Washing is full of richness, rain fallsYe Zhu is hard to stop.

Dark clothes Ejiao refused to say, but said that he was born to be Jun Rong.

Lin Yinshi and his students searched more than 48,900 Tang Tang poems (Peng Dingqiu, Yang Zhongna, et al., Supplementary Edition of the Complete Tang Poetry, 1999). There is neither the author of the Xiaoxing Bathtub nor the poems.

If there are people, it is still to be further researched.

When the cichlids were 懿 懿 , , , , , , , , , , , , 孕 孕 孕 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185 185Do not doubt, take it for life.

Lin Yin and his students searched for the five-year-old Xianfeng case (1855). The two kinds of menstruation pills she had eaten did not contain Ejiao (Chen Kezhen, “Qinggong Medical Case Integration · Xianfeng Chao Medical Case”).

Then check the existing medical records and medical words of Cixi from the 懿妃, 懿贵妃 to the Empress Dowager, and there is no record of the endangered Ejiao.

From the medical records of the Qing dynasty, Cixi used the Ejiao and other drugs to “dissolve the wind and wind” on the 13th and 16th of Guangxu in the 30th year of Guangxu (1908), treating “the liver breeze and the spleen and wet””Reverse movement is the wind” phenomenon (Chen Kezhen “Qinggong medical case integration · Xianfeng Chao medical case”).

According to comprehensive experts, “Ejiao is equal to boiled skin” is a “slapstick”.

Ejiao can not be analyzed from the perspective of the “active ingredient” of modern medicine. The role of Ejiao in the human body cannot be explained from the perspective of Western medicine.

According to the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine masters, traditional Chinese medicine clinicians, and health rehabilitation scholars, Ejiao as the top grade of herbal medicine, its function is unquestionable, but the syndrome, dialectical substitution, can not be blindly consumed.

In addition, unless the manufacturer or the medical practitioner expands and expands the indication of gelatin, it is not necessary to create a “historical allusion” and carry out false propaganda.