Slimming is the only standard for testing aerobics

Aerobic exercise, as the name suggests, is to do gymnastics under aerobic metabolism, through the gymnastics exercise to reach the body of excess aunt, to achieve weight loss.

However, the author thinks that the aerobics in many fitness centers are often confused with aerobics. Many aerobic exercises are not exercised under aerobic conditions. The exercise intensity of aerobics is too large., anaerobic or aerobic and anaerobic mixed metabolic components, so it also lost the role of aerobic exercise to lose weight, jumped to “anaerobic exercise.”
  Looking at various fitness methods and projects, according to their energy metabolism and energy supply methods, can be attributed to three basic forms of exercise, aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise and aerobic and aerobic mixed exercise.

Aerobic exercise is characterized by high blood pressure, low and medium exercise intensity, which is mainly through slight metabolism, which can lead to weight loss in the body; anaerobic exercise is a short-term, high-intensity exercise form, mainly through ATP, phosphoric acid.Creatine metabolism and glucose metabolism consume a lot of muscle glycogen and liver glycogen, so you can’t lose weight.
  At the beginning of the exercise, the bodybuilder’s heart beats faster, breathing at a large mouth, especially increasing, deepening inhalation. Its main purpose is to absorb more oxygen and transport more oxygen for the utilization of tissue cells.

Tissue cells inhale oxygen, and the use of oxygen can be judged by the maximum oxygen uptake.

In the first few minutes of exercise, the oxygen uptake of the human body is much higher than that of the quiet state, but it is still able to achieve a “steady state” with the oxygen demand of the muscle tissue. At this time, the cardiac output, heart rate and lung ventilation are generally consistent.The inhaled oxygen is basically able to meet the oxygen requirements of tissue cells.

The movement of the body in an aerobic state is carried out by the unfortunate, and therefore, it consumes body sputum.

Maintaining and maintaining such exercise intensity is aerobic exercise.

  When the amount of exercise increases gradually, the oxygen uptake increases linearly, the heart rate doubles rapidly, more oxygen needs to be transported, and the oxygen demand of the transformed tissue cells is greatly increased. When the supply and demand of oxygen needs to be deviated, the body is partially deprived of oxygen orFree radicals can only be supplied by sugar and protein metabolism in the absence of oxygen. At this time, the movement consumes sugar and protein. This type of exercise is called anaerobic exercise.

  The test is aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise or mixed metabolic exercise, mainly laboratory evaluation criteria and on-site monitoring indicators. The heart rate is the most commonly used on-site indicator.

I have never been engaged in any fitness exercise. As aerobic exercise, the heart rate is generally around 130 beats/min.

Gold heart rate, heart rate 130 is for aerobic exercise, consumption of the body slightly.

Although each person’s basal heart rate and maximum heart rate are different, the heart rate of aerobic exercise exceeds 130 beats / min, which is 50% – 60% of the body’s maximum oxygen intake. In fact, the heart rate reaches 150 beats / minute and the body begins to mix.Metabolism, if the heart rate reaches 160 beats / min, or even 180 beats / min or more, it indicates that its metabolic mode of metabolism is carried out under anaerobic exercise.

For gymnastics that lasts for more than 30 minutes and whose heart rate is controlled at 140 beats/min or less, aerobic metabolism can be performed, and the abnormality is consumed to obtain the effect of slimming and slimming.

It should be pointed out that the aerobic exercise can of course not exceed the individual differences in age and constitution, and should always sweat slightly during exercise without sweating.

Considering that women’s hemoglobin value is lower than that of men, the intensity and time of aerobic exercise can be slightly reduced and extended.

  Only a real aerobic exercise can lose weight.