How should Chinese medicine be cooked for two or three times?

Although western medicine has been widely used nowadays, many people still believe in Chinese medicine.

Especially for chronic diseases, many people still choose Chinese medicine for treatment.

Many large hospitals provide traditional Chinese medicine decoction services. Many people do not know that in order to improve the efficiency of decoction, many people only boil it once and waste medicine.

Boil Chinese medicine at home, rest assured and save money.

  How to choose a medicine pot 1.

The best Chinese medicine is the casserole or casserole in ceramic ware. Because of its stable chemical properties, it is not easy to react with the ingredients of the medicine, and it is inherently uniform and has good warmth.


Usually available in white enamelware or stainless steel pot.


Avoid using iron, copper, aluminum and other metal appliances for decoction.

Because metal elements are prone to chemical reactions with the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients in the medicinal solution, the curative effect may be reduced, and even toxic and side effects may occur.

  Before soaking, the medicine must be soaked before decoction so that the active ingredients can be easily leached.

Generally, flowers, leaves and stems are the main drugs, soaking time is generally 15 minutes.

The main drug soaking time for roots, seeds, rhizomes and fruits is generally half an hour.

  It is advisable to cook twice or three times.

  Boil medicine method 1.

Put the medicine in the casserole first, add water according to the amount of the medicine, the added water must overflow the traditional Chinese medicine (do not add less, otherwise the traditional Chinese medicine is easy to dry)

Soak for about 20 minutes.

It is best to stir with a stirring rod from time to time during the soaking process, so that the soaking is more uniform.

When the weather is hot, you can add cold water to soak. When the weather is cold, you can extend the soaking time, or use warm water. This effect is better.


After the Chinese medicine has been soaked, put it on the gas stove and start cooking.

Use the high fire before the Chinese medicine boil, and then turn to the low fire and boil slowly. The low fire boils for about 20 minutes.

Looking at the watch, if time is up, if there is still a lot of medicine soup, you can continue to boil for a while.

Remember not to dry up the traditional Chinese medicine.

After cooking, you can use a chopstick on the edge of the casserole to block the medicine residue, and then use the medicine to filter, this effect is better, 3.

During the second cooking, you can add warm water, the water should be half of the first.

Boil for about 20 minutes, and see if there are not many soups. If not, you can pour it out.

If the soup is concentrated, you can boil it for a while.


If you have time, you can boil it for the third time, and add half the water of the second time.

But under normal circumstances, it is enough to boil twice. The third time has a very low potency, but you can use the soup to soak your feet.


When pouring Chinese medicine, be careful with hot hands.

The utensil holding the traditional Chinese medicine is preferably ceramic or stainless steel, so that the traditional Chinese medicine does not easily react with the utensil.

  The decoction time is generally 30 minutes for the first decoction to start with boiling, and 20 minutes for the second decoction to start with boiling.

The decoction time of nourishing drugs can be appropriately extended.

  Decoction of special drugs: 1.
“Decoction first”: Boil for 10-15 minutes, then add other medicines to decoction.

“After the next medicine”: when the general medicine is about to be fried to a predetermined amount, put the same for 5 minutes.


“Melting medicine”: the other medicines should be fried to the predetermined dose, take the juice, cook over low heat, and continue to stir to dissolve.


“Pushing medicine”: Transfer the medicine into the decoction or boiling water.


Other special drugs are cooked according to doctor’s order.

  Old Chinese Medicine Tips 1.

If the traditional Chinese medicine is dried up during the cooking process, do not add any more water, it must be discarded, because the dried traditional Chinese medicine is quite toxic.

This is very important. You must remember the time when boiled Chinese medicine, and someone should watch it specially.


Chinese medicine is bitter, and you can eat rock candy after drinking.

However, do not add sugar during the process of brewing Chinese medicine, which will affect the efficacy of the medicine.

It’s best to take a breath and finish, so it doesn’t feel so bitter.


Avoid spicy, cold, greasy and other foods while eating Chinese medicine, eat more fruits and vegetables.