“congratulations,Lao Li。”
“You two,I know the virtual universe will be held every few years‘Genius war’,You two should compete。At that time, the three of our brothers will be at the core of the virtual universe company.。The status of the entire earth will also be extremely elevated。”
“Got it,Stop nagging about this!”Thor rolled his eyes:“Rest assured that we are on earth,Everything will be fine。”
“Ok,I will leave the earth to you for the time being。”
Half a month passed in a flash,Li Ming stayed with his mother for three days,After all, when he became a powerful warrior,The time to be with my mother is getting shorter and shorter,But fortunately,Although my mother is 80 years old,But as an apprentice rank eight,Life is fairly long。
after that,Li Ming spent a few days teaching his disciples,This may be his last class on earth。
The last three days,Li Ming flies over the mountains, north and south of the earth,He walked on the Arctic ice field,Driving away lions on the thriving grasslands of Africa,A huge wave of air passed over the Pacific Ocean。
Lonely on the Australian island overseas,Li Ming returned to the place where he got the inheritance of the Meteorite Star,The southeast of the homeland of China,He returned to his hometown,Look at that now to get rid of monsters,Human-inhabited city。
Always at,When Babata informed him,When a spacecraft enters the range of the solar system,Li Ming understands,Time to leave。
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Chapter One Virtual universe
Satellite of the earth,Above the moon,,Countless ring-shaped volcanoes are silent。
A crimson spaceship appeared silently,Of course it is silent,In fact, it didn’t use any hidden ability,Is just the basic function of its extremely high level of technology,Otherwise, use the means of Baba Tower,Can’t find the spaceship coming。
This is a ship longer than600Meter,width200Meter,Thickness approximately80Mi’s spaceship in the shape of a flat sword,Crimson red,Li Ming recognized,The material of this spacecraft is actually the same as my own MeteoriteF8Metal red mixed copper mother。
This spaceship can faintly feel the simple atmosphere,It seems to have existed for a long time in the long river of time。
See this spaceship,Li Ming greeted him。
Li Ming looks at this spaceship,Secretly sigh the wealth of this virtual universe company,While looking ahead,A group of people flew out from the front door,Headed by a person who looks similar to the earth,But it has four arms,The youth in a purple suit,He has a sharp short hair,Smiling,There is still a flame mark on the eyebrow。
See this mark,Li Ming understands,It’s like I got the recognition of the golden universe’s origin law,The opponent is also a good at fire law,The strong recognized by the law of origin of the universe。However, the energy in the opponent’s body far surpasses himself,It should be the pinnacle of a realm master。