Yoga’s best way to adjust your posture

Driven by the celebrity effect, the yoga movement has become more and more popular in recent years. This set of yoga spa techniques has spawned a Lebanese Danish citizen who has personally demonstrated in Taiwan.Yoga master Elias Alouf.

In a nutshell, the principle of vitality of yoga spa minerals is to find your own physical attributes, match with appropriate essential oil aromatherapy, and add yoga energy-regulating energy massage to achieve the effects of relaxation, detoxification, and physical adjustment.

  Yoga’s energy regulation method is to perform oxygenation, detoxification, and activation massages in order from the neck, shoulders, and hands, and add aromatherapy to Lafayette oil.Massage to promote blood and lymph circulation to achieve complete relaxation. If the effect is good, you can activate, detoxify and adjust your posture.

  1. Consultation: In 5 minutes, firstly cooperate with the physical property evaluation inquiry form to determine the customer’s physical fitness. After confirmation, determine the type of essential oils to be applied.

  2. Prepare to wear a white gown, and add a towel on top to remove the hair accessories. For long hair, first clip the tail with a shark clip and confirm that the background size is moderate.

  3, apply the essential oil on the hand first, and fully wipe the customer’s neck / ear / ear / head / arm area.

  4. Mineral massage: 15 minutes shortening (5 steps), shoulder (6 steps), hand (3 steps).

  5. Apply a hot towel to the shoulder joint for 1 minute, gently wipe the shoulder, neck and arms, and then drink a glass of warm water to soothe the limbs.