After all, Liu Yufeng feels that there is still some resistance to it.。
Liu Yanfeng did not think so much,She has always been gentle to people,This is why my husband is not at home all the year round.,She can endure the situation。
Just thinking about the last time she called my husband.,Sound came over there,Her heart has always had a bad feeling。
Even her heart has been done the worst plan.,In the case of her heart happened,Then she decided to repay Li with the wind.。
“Smart,Do you say that the woman is the boss of the greenhouse??”
Why isn’t it??
Why do you ask this question??”
“She dresses, I don’t feel like a local person.,Have you seen women in the countryside in the countryside??
And that temperament,Native,And the voice of the speech,I feel that it is not like rural。”
Zhou Qiaoxiao listened this,It is also caught in meditation.。
“But I feel that!After all, it should not be the same as before.,Then say that people are good.,It’s beautiful to be beautiful in the sky.。”
“Ok,Maybe I think more,Let’s eat onion oil tonight.,Then come to a few small dishes,Let you taste my craft。”
Next, the two did not invest too many topics in Liu Yanfeng.,Go directly to buy meat,Buy rice,Bought。
After these busy live,Has been 5 o’clock in the afternoon。
Ma Xiaoliang is also a cooker in direct firewood in the yard.。
And Zhou Qiain is shooting on a side.。
Peanut oil after oil,It is repeatedly refining。
Take this in the pot,Ma Xiaoliang is a green onion and water cake with Zhou Qiaoqi。
The two people cooperate is also very tacit.。
“Smart,You said that we are like a two sons like many years.?”
Ma Xiaoliang, let Zhou Qianshen scared a hop.。
After all, she has not yet prepared to expose the true relationship between the two.。
“screw you,I want it.?
You ask the brothers and sisters on the barrage,Are you dreaming。”
Zhou Qiaoxiao said,Hand on the phone to give Ma Xiaoliang。
“Hammer,This anchor is dreaming in the day。”
“This is a whimsy。”
“This is 癞癞 想 想 天。”
Facing the scribe,Ma Xiaoliang is also laughing and not talking.。
Soon Zhou Qiaoxiao’s help,A onion oil is already ready。