2-2 West Brom Manchester United boss angry Woodward scolded players really TM wasting money (picture)
In a 2-2 draw, Manchester United failed to win in West Brom. Team coach Van Gaal publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the result of the game after the game, and I am afraid that there is more than one Van Gaal disappointed. Manchester United Vice Chairman WoodwardHe was even photographed scolding people in the stands, and his anger was evident.Woodward was very unhappy with the team’s performance. Woodward was very unhappy with the team’s performance. According to the “Daily Mail” report, in the live sports of Sky Sports, Manchester United Vice Chairman Woodward was dissatisfied with the team’s performance in the stands.At the moment of confrontation, the expensive Manchester United team had no way to face the West Team Bronze. If it were not for the outstanding performance of Blind and Fellney, Manchester United would even lose the game, which will inevitably make Woodward unhappy.But the “Daily Mail” did not point out what Woodward repeated.  According to reports from “101 Great Goals” and “Daily Mirror”, Woodward is repeating some Manchester United players, and based on lip guesses, Woodward may be saying that TM is really a waste of money (f ***Waste money).This is absolutely amazing, but it is not clear which player Woodward can overcome.(Luffy)