Blue Xin,The eyes of the eyes,Why is it so familiar??
From yesterday, I saw her first eye.,He feels that the eyes,Very clear and pure,It seems to be blue。
This world,No one is more impressed by his impression of the blue blue.。
It is because of the blue blue one sentence,I want to learn clothing design,so,He is angry on this,I hope to find blue blue in this industry.。
But so many years have passed,Still no blue news。
Lu Haocheng,Lonely deeply on the back of the chair,He insomnia last night,Occasionally sleep,The nightmare is constantly tearing his heart.,Have a good time for a while,He only opened the cold black。
NS19chapter:Have something to say
NS19chapter:Have something to say
Ou Jing walked in,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng, surrounded by loneliness,His eyes have been screaming!
Listen,He was thinking of Gu Yi blue last night.。
That little girl,He remembers,Long and beautiful,A pair of clear eyes,Just like talking。
Gu Jiahe Lu family is a neighbor,Most of her is in Hao Cheng,Try to make fun。
Hao Cheng specially likes her,Can also be because Hoheng,Blue is not seen,these years,Hao Cheng has been living in selflessness。
His long legs have been elegant,Qing dynasty sound slowly:“Hao Jun,Miss Gu, called again.,Ask you to come tonight,Say two people to discuss the marriage of your two tonight。”
Lu Haocheng recovered attention,Gently glanced at European,Deep fundus flourishing a cold breath,Confluence:“A raising,I want to marry me in the blue blue.,Don’t you feel that your family is ridiculous??”
European Answer,Tone:“Since you don’t want to go,Then I will call the past and refused.。”
“Um!”Lu Hao is covered with a cool cold frost,The landman wants him to go,He will not easily give this woman face。
She grabbed my mother’s life,Harmmed the mother’s falling,This woman,One day,He will pack it。
Yesterday’s car accident,Never accidentally,The child has been checked.,Because of this woman,He lost a lot。
Ou Jing, does not plan to go.。
Lu Haocheng’s temporary eyebrow,Look at him slightly,Indifferent tone:“If you have something, you will say it.!”
Ou Jingyi is still not illuminated:“Xiaoman said,She wants to marry the man,Not coming back,Will settle abroad,Let the company find someone to take her work。”
Lu Haochi micro hook,Foundation smile overflow,“It seems that Lin Xiaoman is serious this time.,Also chase men’s past,To get married。
However, I don’t know if the value is not worth it.,I have seen the man.,Not very good?But still hope Xiaoman’s happiness。
Ask when is the marriage??She did three years in the company,Give the company a lot of profits,At that time, a red envelope passed。”
Ou Jing smiled nodded,Sound warmth:“it is necessary,I told her about Blue Xin.,She said Lan Xin, she knows.,She also likes Blue Xin’s design concept.,This location is made by Blue Xin,She is completely competent!”
Lu Hao nodded,Thinking that woman,His hearts always have a different feeling。
Especially the eyes,Let him have a fascination。
He is like a black crystal scorpion,Picking up a mood of a smile,“Let’s let Lan Xin come in,I personally talk to her.!”
have to say,When I met this morning,She painted the sound of the sound,Even he was attracted to convinced。
It can be the first time in his Lu Haocheng,Blue Xin is the first person。
Ou Jing nodded,No sound,Just watching Lu Hao Cheng’s belly black smile,He turned,Also hook the lips,In the clear scorpion,Shallowly,Later day,Maybe it is interesting。
He is elegant to go out。
Lu Haocheng looked at his elegant back,Brow can’t stop,Quickly pick up the information on the table,Throw a few times in the back of the European,But did not throw out。