Zhang Yunsong commented on the young teenager, praised the new foreign aid to support the team’s inside
The Shougang Women’s Basketball team shot the new year blockbuster today.Figure / Shougang Sports 2019-2020 season WCBA entered the window period, the Beijing Shougang Women’s Basketball has undergone a large-scale size adjustment, and still leads the first stage of the regular season with 17 wins and 1 loss.Head coach Zhang Yunsong was interviewed by the Beijing News today and was satisfied with the new aid and young players’ performance.Shougang Women’s New Foreign Aid McCowan was last year’s WNBA “Exploration Show” and averaged 23 per game in the first season of WCBA.9 points, 15.7 rebounds, 1.4 times tip and 1.Two steals have a very obvious effect on the overall strength of the team.Zhang Yunsong also said frankly: “The arrival of foreign aid has great support for internal defense and team grabbing, including her combination of the team’s internal line and the rich play style, which have played a positive effect.”But after all, a newcomer born in 1996, McCowan said he was still in the process of learning.In the opinion of Yun Gui, the teenager needs to work harder in reading the game and getting familiar with his teammates.Domestic aid Wang Xiexun and Maina also faced similar problems.”Although Wang Jue has played in the league for many years, it is the first year to cooperate with our players. There are some awareness, habits and style characteristics of the team that need to be understood in depth as soon as possible.Maina is the first year to participate in the domestic league (the league for the Japanese league), there are some things that she needs to understand by herself, but also to understand the opponent’s personnel, characteristics, and style of play.”However, Zhang Yunsong is not worried about two experienced players,” if they pass this level, they will perform better.”, Qi Yu, Dong Jingxian and other young players got more exercise opportunities, and Yun Gui also believed them.”The coaching staff gives enough trust, and often points and demands during training, telling them how to do it.”In the competition, more encouragement is given to give them space and freedom.They need to seize the opportunity to improve their abilities and speak on the court by their abilities.Another is to improve self-confidence.”