The director of “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes 2” teaches you to draw the little yellow man, two details should be noted
Sauna Night News May 19, lighting entertainment founder Christopher Mailer Dandley and director of “Little Yellow Man Big Eyes Meng 2” Brad Eberson released a video to send greetings to the people in the epidemic,And show you how to draw the little yellow man and create animation effects.Brad Eberson revealed the details of two paintings of the little yellow man in the video: first, the little yellow man has three fingers; second, there are letters on the little yellow man ‘s overalls in the series of “The Mysterious Father””G”, but not in “Little Yellow Man with Big Eyes”, this is because Little Yellow Man has not yet met Gru.Affected by the epidemic, “Little Yellow Man Big Eyes Meng 2: The Rise of Grew” has been released and can be released in North America on July 2, 2021.It is reported that “Little Yellow Man Big Eyes Meng 2” came to Grew’s boyhood and found his past relationship with the Little Yellow Man.The small yellow people applied to become the assistants of the “bad guy dreamer” Gru, but the gems they stolen from the “Very Evil Six Heavenly Kings” were lost by the new yellow member Audou, which triggered a series of interesting stories.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofread Zhao Lin