U-shape happiness in life is the lowest at 44 years old

U-shaped curve “Life-long happiness is U-shaped?

》-This survey was co-hosted by Oswald of the University of Warwick, UK, and Blanch Frauer of Dartmouth College, USA.

  The survey shows that the change in the level of happiness in a person’s life is a U-shaped curve, reaching the lowest point at about 44 years old.

In this way, a person’s life generally feels good early and late, but the middle process is full of difficulties.

  Around 44 is the worst time to feel.

This “test” usually lasts for several years, what people call a middle-aged crisis.

  In addition, the time of the trough is different between men and women.

A re-investigation of the United States and Britain found that women’s middle-aged crisis usually comes in their 40s, and men’s in their 50s.

  The only way to go?

  Researchers surveyed 2 million people in 80 countries, and found that in different countries and different people, the trend of happiness with age is surprisingly similar, and the average value shows a U-shaped curve.

  Researchers point to this curve, and the trough of life seems unavoidable. Oswald said: “Everyone will encounter a middle-aged crisis regardless of gender, whether they are married, rich or poor, with or without children.”Changes and other factors will not affect the overall trend of the well-being curve.

  For the causes of the middle-aged crisis?

Researchers have yet to find an answer.

One explanation is that people reach middle age and have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and no longer have too much passion and desire for the future.

Another explanation is that the middle-aged crisis stems from comparisons with surrounding people.

Some middle-aged people may witness the death of their peers, deepening their anxieties about life and the future.

  Faced with anxiety Oswald said that understanding this pattern will help people better cope with the middle-aged crisis.

Because “if someone feels that life in the dark is the middle-aged normal, it may help them through this stage better.”

  He suggested that people in crisis learn to look to the future.

“After entering 50, most people will slowly come out of the trough.

When you are 70 years old, if there is no major problem in your body, your mood will return to the happiness of 20 years old.