In the first quarter of 2020, my country’s TV drama market reality theme has continued "playing", "I am waiting for you" "I am waiting for you in Beijing" "If the years can be turned back" "" I haven’t love enough "" Sweepe Sydrop " "Green Water Qingshan Belts" "Elite Lawyers" and other repertoires.

The head of the TV Series of the Radio, Film and Television, said in an interview on the 16th, during the prevention and control, the real-world TV drama also gave people warmth and warmth, relieved people’s coke psychology, meeting the needs of the audience home entertainment .

According to the statistics of "China Audiovisual Data", the national cable TV and network TV users in the fourth quarter of this year have increased the total length of the long-term growth rate, and each daily household increased half an hour. "This year is an important historical node of a well-off society in an all-round way. It is also the end of the decline in the decline, reflecting the spirit of the times, and focusing the realistic theme of the real life. It is bound to occupy the mainstream of the screen.

"The person in charge of the TV series said. From the specific theme, the" Elite Lawyer "" Elite Lawyer "in the field of public inspection law is focused on the" Elite Lawyer "of the real estate intermediary, and the" perfect relationship "of the public relations industry will re-embrace the" perfect relationship "workplace Feng Yun; "I am waiting for you in Beijing" "Next stop is happiness" "I haven’t love enough" "If the years can be turned back" "Rock sugar stewed Sydney" "I am not a shopping mad" and other urban emotions, or focus the middle-age crisis , Or writing youth dreams; "One can’t be less" "Green Water Qingshan with a smile", etc.

(Editor: Guo Yu, Guanfei).