Quirky,No magic,Especially the golden shield,Said that it is nothing wrong with the cultivated Buddha Gate.。
A test,The red devil is completely impressed。
She doesn’t want to,This is the blood of the blood,She is responsible for collecting information.。
嵋 金顶,Waves,Hard wind rolling。
魑 魑 魍魉 魍魉 不 不,There is an infinite split,Red Devil Control Danchenzi stops attack,Standing on the side,Demon,Translator environment is glad。
For the heart of the devil,She also studies,very curious,The outside world will not be disturbed by the heart。
at this time,The red devil saw that Liao Jie took the monster mirror,Remove a red umbrella,Not confused。
Next second,Her face change,Control Danchenzi far away from the original place。
Liao Jie thrown red umbrella,Make a mustard,Huge gravitation involves,Hi Feng Square floor,In the umbrella with the charm of the charm。
The red devil is very fast,A moment away from the top of the Golden,But I haven’t waited for her pine tones.,Head red light covering day,Hang up,Hong Luotian cover is under the head cover。
“This method is not bad,This time a lot of harvest,Refining materials should be enough”
Liao Jie recovered red umbrella,Raise hands,The earthquake Danchen child fell on the foot。
What is the inequiter?,He raided Danchenzi on the sky,Ren to cut back and forth,I don’t look at it.,Medium finger,Collecting lightning。
After three times,Danchenzi has no movement,Attention will die。
Red demon,She is integrated with Danchen,Magic is difficult to enemy Huanghuang Tianwei,Plus Danchenzi is the same with the hate,Washed against it, only a sense of condensation。
Red light,Red Devils from Danchen,Expanded,Segment。
Skin color,Eyebrows have flowers,Mengyu self-contained demon,Laugh,Charming。
“I am willing to fall”
Liao Junzhi has no expression,Raise your hand to hold red light,Directly pinch the dead of the dead。
Demon,He attracted the star in hand,The location of the default chase and blood demon。
“Take so much,It’s time to pay.”
Liao Jie flashed,Disappeared in the Golden Top,After it leaves,It’s a dark cloud in the sky.,Local rainfall,Only under the top of Danchen。
After a moment,Danchenzi woken away,I look around and look around.。
“I am not dead?!”
Spring is moist,Danchenzi is hurting,Waiting for him,The sky is gradually scattered。
He frowned this scene,Recall the picture of Liao Jieqiang to kill the necropsy,Heart chill。
“The outside world will not save me without any reason.”
“What do he want to do?,It is difficult for him to be the same as the Red Devil.,Leave a magic in my body?”