Iran overtakes the Philippines and leads to the Tokyo Olympics with a margin of victory
Tonight’s 17-32 qualifying for the 2019 Men’s Basketball World Cup, the Iranian team in the Beijing division defeated the Philippines 95 to 75, relying on the advantage of the goal difference to directly qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. This is also the Iranian men’s basketball team after 2008Participate in the Olympic Games again.This game is related to whether the Iranian team can go directly to the Tokyo Olympics, but the Philippine team that has been out of the game before the game also said that they will not give up fighting for the honor. They have won the support of the Chinese fans on the spot.Supporting his home team, although the number is small, singing and shouting slogans are uniform and the momentum is not small.The Iranian team fell behind in the first quarter, and the two waves of offense at the end of the consecutive quarters only reset the 6-point advantage, and established a two-digit advantage when the second quarter was halfway through.With a single quarter score of 18-10 in the second quarter, the Iranian team led the first half with a 48-34 lead.After playing more than 2 minutes in the third quarter, the Iranian team extended its advantage to 21 points.The Philippine team was more passive in the second half. The Iranian team, who wanted to score more points, did not relax in the fourth quarter and basically maintained an advantage of around 20 points.In the last minute and more, there were already players on the Iranian team bench who couldn’t hold back, and they all smiled to celebrate the win.In the end, the Iranian team kept the 20-point advantage to the end.