Hawthorn Shouwu can be used as fat-adjusting tea

I have suffered from coronary heart disease with hypertension for 16 years. In previous years, angina pectoris recurred repeatedly and I was often hospitalized. It was financially impaired and caused a lot of trouble to my family.

Under the guidance of good old Chinese medicine, taking hawthorn porridge to prevent my angina pectoris has not happened for two years.

  Ingredients: 50 grams of dried hawthorn (100 grams of fresh), 50 grams of rice, 30 grams of brown sugar.

  Method: Wash rice and hawthorn.

First add hawthorn to the casserole to fry the juice to remove the residue, then put the previous rice into the hawthorn juice and cook the porridge according to the usual method. When the porridge is cooked, add brown sugar and boil.

Serve in a small bowl sooner or later.

  Efficacy: Preventive and adjuvant treatment of hyperlipidemia, angina pectoris.

  In order to prevent seizures, I often consume this porridge every winter for better prevention.

Patients with angina pectoris and hyperlipidemia may wish to try.

  Hawthorn Shouwu Lipid-adjusting Tea Hawthorn, 15 grams each of Polygonum multiflorum, wash, chopped, and put together in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, about 2 hours, then cook for another 1 hour, remove the residue and take the soup as tea instead.

(Extracted from “Hebei Economic Daily”) Comment: Hawthorn and Polygonum multiflorum are single-adjusted to prevent atherosclerosis.

The combination of two medicines has better lipid-lowering effect. This tea can be used as an adjuvant treatment for dyslipidemia and coronary heart disease.

  500 grams of walnut meat, kidney stones, rock sugar, vegetable oil each.

First pour the vegetable oil into the pot, heat over low heat, then pour the walnut meat pinched to the size of rice grains and rock sugar into the pot and stir well.

Served once daily in the morning and evening.

The dose is more than 1 course. If the stones are not discharged, continue to take 2?
3 courses.

(From the “News and Information News”) Comment: Zhang Xichun, a modern doctor, believes that walnuts can cure “sand leaching and stone leaching” (urinary stones).

According to clinical reports, 25 cases of kidney stones and 48 cases of ureteral stones were treated with the upper part, and 63 cases were cured and 7 cases improved.

This prescription is suitable for small kidney stones (diameter ≤0.

6 cm) patients should drink more water, jump more, and hit their waist with both hands.

Walnuts are also effective for gallstones.

  Garlic pork belly soup treats one cirrhotic male pork belly (about 300-500 grams), 120 grams of garlic, 9 grams of betel nut, ground Amomum, and 6 grams of woody incense.

Wash the pork belly, mix the medicine into the pork belly, add water to the casserole and simmer.

Eat on an empty stomach.

(From “Labour News”) Comment: Liver cirrhosis is mostly associated with liver qi stagnation and spleen deficiency.

Fangzhong pork belly, garlic second flavor has warming spleen and stomach, stagnation and digestion effect, can cure a variety of edema deficiency.

Add betel nut, Amomum villosum, and woody fragrance, which can strengthen the spleen and dampness, and improve the effect of qi and water.

This prescription has a certain effect on liver cirrhosis and ascites, as well as those with loss of appetite, weight loss, thin stools, and pale tongue.