Elm Elm Municipal Party Secretary mountain by the Standing Committee commissioned a work report to the plenary.

The report notes that since the fourth session of the municipal elm eight plenary, in the face of severe and complicated economic situation and extremely arduous task of development, and the impact of the epidemic face risks and challenges, under the strong leadership of the Municipal Standing Committee elm in the Jilin Provincial and Changchun Municipal Committee unite and lead the people of the city, calmly, join hands ahead of anti-epidemic, stick to early heart tests normalization epidemic, the rise to break the journey before the waves line, economic and social development has taken new steps in extremely difficult circumstances. It brings together the majestic power, epidemic prevention and control phased achieve the "double zero" goal. Fully implement the central, Jilin Provincial and Changchun Municipal decisions and arrangements, adhere to the people-oriented, life-oriented, anti-enter the outside, inside the anti-rebound, grab all the people to war prevention and control, integrated security development, the fight against SARS fight the annals of history, hold the "Pure Land elm . " Take extraordinary policy, "three tough fight" pragmatic advance.

Determined to win the battle precision poverty, pollution control tough fight, guard against and defuse the risk of major battle, winning well-off as a political task that must be completed in order not to victory will not withdraw troops attitude, give the city the general offensive launched last bastion. Cohesion "Hundred Days Campaign", "three projects" to achieve tangible results. Crucial to winning the "Hundred Days Campaign" as the carrier, vigorously implement the rural green level, city level, the magnitude of the economic "three project", set down the wisdom, poly power of the city, village green remarkable level, city level steady enhance the economic growth of the order continued, struggling to create a new situation county development.

Focus revitalization of rural, agricultural and rural development priority. Always keep in mind the protection of national food security a top priority, in order to promote rural revitalization strategy as the starting point, strong solid base of agriculture, food production steady for the good; strong agricultural projects, third, there is the integration of new students; brand benefit farmers, three gold card Fu Limin; green agriculture, upgrading Mishina a standard increment; financial help farmers, flexible and diversified services.

Elm tree firmly and resolutely carry stable agriculture banner.

Efforts to improve people’s livelihood and social construction continued to strengthen. Depth practice thinking people-centered development, and seek benefit people’s livelihood, people’s livelihood and worries of the solution, the need to help people’s livelihood, and solid social security "backbone" Calibration public service "fixing Star", build a strong social governance "Ballast stone ", and effectively so that more people get the sense of sharing. Outstanding innovation, development activity was significantly enhanced. Elm Municipal Standing Committee believes that the more specific the epidemic period, the more we should promote reform.

Resolutely to institutional drawbacks accumulation of surgery, the focus of reform continued to deepen, innovations continue to strengthen the business environment continued to optimize the reforms in all areas of the city continue showing echelon, major breakthroughs, pushed forward momentum.

Singshih adhere to the cultural, spiritual high ground more firmly.

Unswervingly adhere to the party ideology tube, strengthen publicity and ideological work, the socialist core values deeply rooted ideological work to fully implement the responsibility system, strengthen the spiritual civilization, strengthen cultural self-confidence, construction of cultural elm.

Full party strictly, and improve the level of party building. Resolutely implement the general requirements of the new era of party building, and unswervingly uphold and strengthen the party’s overall leadership, unswervingly adhere to the party to manage the party, the party strictly comprehensive, political more prominent, more distinctive employment-oriented, grass-roots organizations more solid , clean the air even more clearly, and provide a strong political guarantee for elm breakout success.

The report stresses that to obtain more achievements, is the city’s organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres and the masses hard work load, the result of joint struggle.

This is full of hardships, unforgettable, an extraordinary struggle, more determined to conquer the city people move forward on the road to win the confidence of the risks and challenges all kinds of difficulties. Reporting requirements in 2020 has been more than half of the annual work target time, heavy task, it should continue to maintain high morale, good style and dedication, insist the goal is not to relax, dry breakthroughs in the real office, to speed up the elm lead in realizing modernization of agriculture and struggle.